5 Reasons why you NEED Superfeet insoles in your life

For many people shoe insoles are merely volume reducers designed to improve the fit of footwear, but insoles (a.k.a ‘footbeds’) can be a really useful tool that will not only make your shoes and boots fit better, but can work wonders for your health.

Superfeet Green Insole – First introduced to the market over 35 years ago.

Superfeet Green Insole – First introduced to the market over 35 years ago.

Whether you’re an adventurer, athlete, on your feet all day, or suffering with sore feet/back/knee/shoulder pain and don’t know why, Superfeet insoles could be the answer.

Here are 5 reasons why you need Superfeet in your life:

1. Superfeet can relieve and reverse the causes of foot and body pain

Along with correctly fitted footwear, the right Superfeet insole can eliminate all-manner of ailments that result from poor alignment of the body when walking. Common problems such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain (we could go on) all caused by misalignment can be cured by Superfeet.

How? Biomechanics.12140709_937789602958775_4016981034265569003_n

The foot has evolved over millions of years of evolution to function on the 3-dimensional terrain of the natural world. It is only in recent history that this has become much less a part of our lives. We now rely on, spending a great deal of our time, upon flat pathways, floors, and sports fields.

Our feet have more trouble handling flat ‘unnatural’ ground and that is where pain, injury and inefficiency occurs. Superfeet uses their insoles as a tool to allow the 3D foot to work on 2D ground.

Superfeet’s design, informed by the principles of podiatric medicine, supports the foot properly. It focuses on the rear foot; balancing the heel to increase shock absorption, weight distribution and consequently aligning the body to reduce stress on joints and problem areas of the body that are prone to chronic pain.

You can read more about the science of Superfeet here.

2. They can be worn in everyday footwear and even high heels!

Superfeet blue: Everyone's Friend

Superfeet blue: Everyone’s Friend

These insoles are not reserved plainly for use in technical outdoor footwear for running half way up a mountain. While of course you can do that, and we’d actively encourage it, there is a Superfeet model out there that you can use with your ‘regular’ every day shoes – the pair you wear to work or go shopping in.

Superfeet Blue, for example, is one of their most accommodating insoles and is designed to be used with footwear that does not have a removable insole. Just plonk a pair of Blues into your shoe/boot/sneaker and away you go!

The high heels thing wasn’t a joke! Superfeet manufacture a DELUX insole, which deliver a “scandalous” amount of comfort for women’s heels.

3. They offer a 60-day Guarantee

Just kidding, they're very accommodating.

Just kidding, they’re very accommodating.

Aside from the scientific and practical benefits, Superfeet are willing to back up their claims with cold, hard cash. Well, your cold, hard cash.

In other words, if you don’t like them, Superfeet will give you your money back. They probably won’t have to, though; the worldwide returns rade for insoles is less than 1%.

4. Superfeet will improve your stride.

Wear Superfeet for a few days and you’ll find yourself walking with more purpose, a confident assuredness in your stride born out of excellent alignment and biomechanics. Members of the opposite sex will find you more attractive, your colleagues at work will listen to you, your boss will like your ideas.

Ok, so these things won’t happen (except the first one), but thanks to the corrective nature of Superfeet for your gait and alignment, your feet will be in the correct position when striding. Superfeet estimate that around 75% of people have unbalanced feet, creating unnecessary and inefficient movement that can cause pain. A more-efficient stride and more efficient movement on your feet creates a better technique and increased ability in whatever you do.

This increased efficiency is great for cyclists, walkers, golfers, footballers, hockey players, anyone who takes part in physical activity while on their feet (which is pretty much everyone!) Runners will see a particular benefit; Superfeet will enable you to make huge strides (pun intended) in improving your running gait, stamina, durability and consequently improving your times.

5. Superfeet insoles are used by elite level sportsmen & women

Increasingly we see elite-level professional sportsmen using Superfeet insoles to deliver balance, comfort and performance. Increasing numbers of athletes from a variety of top level sports including NFL, MLB Baseball, elite snowboarders and other professional level sportsmen and women are using Superfeet.

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