A glance into the future; The Tent Show at Stoneleigh (Part 2) 2012 Outwell tents

Simon and Matt peruse over Outwell’s range for 2012

Outwell tents in 2012

For those of you who’ve been keeping up with this blog, you may remember that a few weeks back I blogged about our trip to The Tent Show at Stoneleigh to take a look at what some of the well known tent manufacturers including Outwell, Vango and Robens had planned for the 2012 summer camping season. Part one focused on what Vango had to offer and we took a look at a few of the tents that we’ll be stocking for next year, as well as announcing that we’ll be stocking Vango Airbeam for 2012.

The Wind Stabilizer System brings an extra
level of stability to Outwell tents

This time out we’re going to take a look at what Outwell have to offer.

They’ve become one of the leading forces in tents and camping equipment in recent times. Offering what they describe as ‘innovative family camping’, they’re responsible for many of the designs and features in tents that in today’s market are considered as standard – things like the sealed-in groundsheet, extensions and awnings, carpets and footprints; and luminous guylines. They all came from Outwell!

They’re also responsible for many unique design features. The Wind Stabilizer System, utilising a Velcro fastening system between the flysheet and the pole, is one such innovation that has contributed to the ability of many of their tents to withstand wind speeds of up to 10 on the Beaufort Scale. That’s up to 24.4 m/s! In other words, gale force!

The Wolf Lakes: Heavy Hitters

Outwell are the company who bought us renowned tents like the Montana 6, Vermont L, Bear Lake and Wolf Lake models and right here is the place to find out which of their tents we’ll be selling for next season.

It was with great interest that we made our way over to Outwell’s display to take a look. Their range is comprehensive and all of the heavy hitters were in attendance (tents, I mean). It seems that Outwell up their game every year and this time out is no exception. There seems to be new tents, features and innovations to discuss each year and that’s what we’ll do right here.

So what are these exciting features then? 

-Panorama Room
Louisiana 5P featuring Panoramic Room
The most striking thing you’ll notice when looking at the tents from our selection is what is being referred to as the ‘Panorama Room/Front’. A lot of the model names now feature a ‘P’ after them (e.g. Montana 6P) – The ‘P’, funnily enough, stands for panorama.

This feature is designed to open up the living space, making it a really pleasant place to be as well as looking pretty distinctive from the outside too! The use of extra windows really helps to allow light in and it’s very much like having a conservatory or sun room at home, allowing for the best all-round views. There are also curtains you can zip up to give you guaranteed privacy when you need it.

You’ll find the Panorama Room on all tents from the Premium, Avant Garde and Deluxe (Sage Green) Collections for  2012:

-Tinted Windows
As it says in Outwell’s brochure:
UV coated windows protect
against  heat from the sun 
“We take something like tinted windows for granted in all other aspects of our lives, so why not have them on tents, where they can really be useful?” 
It’s a fair point and you’ll find this brand new feature on tents in the Classic and Premium collections. As well as providing some extra privacy and adding a futuristic look. The best part of this new feature though is that the tint has a UV coating which offers protection against the heat of the sun’s rays, yet still gives a clear view to the outside. It’s difficult to see the tinting in this picture but take my word for it that it is there and it does make a difference!

EDIT (05/12/11): We have been advised by our Outwell representative that unfortunately the Outwell Classic range of tents will not have ”tinted windows” for the 2012 season.

-Floating Guyline System
Floating Guyline system.
2 Mocca fixings with 1 luminous attachment
A novel sounding concept if ever there was one! Floating guylines? Well, no they don’t actually float, but they give the tent an interesting and cleaner visual effect. The twin Mocca guyline fixings which attach to a single luminous guyline are discreet, meaning your view of the tent is not interrupted by endless luminous guylines. This makes for an overall more aesthetically pleasing look. More importantly, this improves the overall stability of the tent as well as meaning there are less guys to accidently trip over! You’ll find this feature on the Kauai and Hilo Reef from the Outwell’s Sun Collection.
New to Taunton Leisure
Hilo & Kauai Reef

As well as featuring many well known and established models, there are some brand new tents that we’re quite excited about. Let’s take a look at the two new tents we’ll be stocking from the Sun Collection; the Kauai Reef and the Hilo Reef
The 2012 Hilo Reef is based on the Monterey 5
If you’re not familiar with these tents you might have noticed something. It might have jumped out at you. It might not. For those who didn’t notice… these tents are very orange! Officially known as ‘Topaz’, it certainly makes for a retro look which is very lively and certainly stands out! See how the floating guylines seem to disappear? That’s the cleaner visual look I was speaking of. 
The 2012 Kauai Reef is a widened version of
last year’s Hawaii Reef
The Sun Collection was launched by Outwell last year and has proven very popular. The two tents we stock are both new additions. The Hilo Reef is a 5 berth, while the Kauai accommodates 6 people. They both feature the Outtex Airtech outer material; a polycotton that gives great strength, breathability; and keeps the water out. The steel poles are very strong and durable, there are large windows with curtains, adjustable pegging points, mesh pockets and as we mentioned earlier the new ‘floating’ guyline system.
The Kauai features a large porch area with detachable bathtub groundsheet included, great for storing bikes and other kit, or just sitting in, whereas the Hilo features a flat front face with a sun canopy.

For a full specification and dimensions keep an eye on our website and feel free to ask any questions on this blog!

Louisiana 5/7P

We’ll move our focus over to the Premium Collection and a couple tents new to the collection and to our range; the Ontario & Louisiana.

The Louisiana 7P. Like the Louisiana 5P but, uh, bigger.

As we mentioned earlier, the Premium Collection now features Panorama Room/Front so you can fully take in your surroundings in comfort. The Ontario LP features the Panorama Front, whereas the Louisiana models feature the Panorama Room, which is more like a front porch area and features a detachable bathtub groundsheet.

Louisiana 7P Layout

Another design feature that stood out to us when we viewed this tent was the bedroom layout. The layout is designed for families with older children. Children that might start all out war if they’re forced to share a bedroom! With the Louisiana, the kids get their own space.

What this layout also does is create a unique living area which is also a nice, comfortable place to be. The ‘double door inner’ of the largest bedroom gives a really open, spacious feeling when both doors are open. We’ll illustrate this below when we take a look at the Illinois 6

As well as featuring steel poles, Outtex 5000HH polyester material and mesh pockets in the inner tents, the Louisiana features tinted windows, lamp holder and light cable tidies as well as many other features.          

Illinois 6 

The Illinois 6 is probably the tent that I personally am most excited about for next season. Like the Louisiana models, the ‘double door inner’ really helps to open up the living area. Stepping inside, the feeling of space was instantly apparent. We get a good number of people asking for tents in this Vis-a-vis style (that’s French for face-to-face by the way) and we’re pleased to again be able to offer this option again for 2012.
Double door inners are a great feature for 2012
As with all tents in the DeLuxe Collection, the outer material is a 4000HH 75D Outtex polyester with taped seams. The tent uses two steel poles that support two Duratec fibreglass poles. The pole layout is very similar to that from the Oakland XL. It’s the living space and internal design that differ. It is certainly possible, with a bit of practice using the correct method, to pitch this tent by yourself! However, we always recommend at least two people to pitch any family sized tent.
Illinois 6: An inventive use of
living space

Other features to look out for include toggle up curtains, mesh pockets for storage and heavy duty Outwell zips, to name but a few. For me though, the innovative use of living space really stands out!
Again, keep an eye on tauntonleisure.com for a full spec in the coming months. 

Outwell tents in 2012: The Complete Taunton Leisure Collection 

So as promised, here’s a comprehensive list of our complete range from Outwell. If you have any questions about any of the models mentioned below please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here, ask us on our facebook page, tweet us @tauntonleisure, or go to our official site
Until next time, happy camping. Even in this winter cold!
Luke – Taunton Leisure Online
Outwell Classic Collection
  • Montana Lake
  • Wolf Lake 7
  • Bear Lake 6
  • Trout Lake 4

Outwell Sun Collection

  • Kauai Reef
  • Hilo Reef

Outwell Premium Collection

  • Ontario LP
  • Montana 6P
  • Louisiana 7P
  • Louisiana 5P
  • Vermont XLP
  • Vermont LP

Outwell DeLuxe Collection (Sage Green)

  • Oakland XL
  • Monterey 5

Outwell DeLuxe Collection (Mocca)

  • Illinois 6
  • Montana 6
  • Glendale 5
  • Nevada XL
  • Nevada M

Outwell Smart Tunnel Concept

  • Fusion 400
  • Fusion 300

Outwell Touring Collection

  • Country Road

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