I Got 99 Problems But Jellyfish Ain’t One!

I just did our staff training on Lifeventure products and we discussed a particular product we haven’t really looked into before…

As the seas warm up, we experience the annual Jellyfish “bloom” – huge numbers of jellyfish just drifting around our watery play ground, intent on spoiling our fun!

Here at Taunton Leisure we have the answer to all your jellyfish sting woes…



Wait for it…







Anti Jellyfish Suncream!

With sting inhibitor!

Essentially it works by making the jellyfish think it is touching its self, and thus stops the stinging cells firing. Magic!

Actually, it’s all quite technical!

(Read more by the company who produces it for Lifeventure – http://tinyurl.com/jllyfsh)

Brad – Exeter Store (and watersports fanatic!)

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