The Best Glamping Tents

9249101210_c5af90a063_oGlamorous camping, or “glamping” as it’s more commonly known, is a popular form of camping that focuses on bringing a high level of luxury and comfort to the whole ‘sleeping outdoors’ experience. It’s purpose is to make life a little easier for the outdoor enthusiast whose days of roughing it in a bivvy are perhaps behind them.

Glamping is for those who baulk at the prospect of freeze dried and vacuum-packed food rations. It’s also great for young families and for those who are interested in getting into camping but aren’t quite ready (or willing) to get their hands dirty!

Don’t get us wrong, we love nothing more than getting amongst it, but we also understand that not everyone is as keen on so-called “proper camping” as we are.

For the keen, or burgeoning glampers, we offer you our five best glamping tents. Each of these have their own individual features, which make them highly desirable in their own right. Enjoy!

1)  Nordisk Asgard Bell Tent

The Asgard tents, both 19.2 and 12.6 models, have proven to be hugely popular since we began stocking them a couple of seasons back. They present a unique and beautiful vision of what outside living could be; your bell tent, comfy cushions, rugs, and loved ones. What more could you need?


2) Outwell Smart Air Hornet XL

Danish tent brand Outwell have been a market-leading force in family camping and tents for many years. This Smart Air Hornet XL represents the epitome of the modern, easy-to-pitch, feature-laden family tent. It pitches in less than 10 minutes (stood up in less than 3 if you move quickly) and has the build quality and features to match any of it’s rivals. To be honest, we could’ve chosen from a range of Outwell Tents, but the Hornet XL is as good a choice as any.


3) Vango Airbeam Euphoria 600

The Euphoria 600 is a flagship model in Vango’s Airbeam range. The solid inflatable tube structure can be pumped up in minutes, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the luxury than setting up the thing!

Three bedrooms sleep six lucky people, with a living area as well as a separate covered area to catch some shade or shelter from the rain if required (we hope not). This layout is becoming increasingly popular in family tents, as it is so versatile and spacious.


4) Tentipi Safir 9 Tipi Tent

For those who want a simple, traditional, communal camping experience in a shelter that can be pitched in 5 minutes (really!) that you can even have a fire inside – a Tentipi® Nordic Tipi is the ideal solution. A favourite of Ray Mears, this kind of shelter has even been used by Will and Kate!

One of the many great things about the Safir is it’s size to weight ratio. In other words, for how much room you get inside, this thing is pretty damn small and light! It’s probably also the only one of these tents that you could take on a polar expedition!

You can even add a porch to it too!

Tentipi Safir 9 family tent

Learn more about Tentipi Tents in our buyer’s guide.

5) Robens Fairbanks Tipi


The Fairbanks is a lovely little tipi tent that sleeps for and offers stunning value. Lightweight, well made and easy to pitch, this tent is ideal for a small family, or a couple, who want the luxury of a polycotton flysheet that keeps the tent cooler on the inside on hot days thanks to it’s breathability.

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