Corner to Corner – 5000 miles for Charity

Richard Boxhall has been a keen cyclist for many years. His first major cycle was from Lands End to John ‘O Groats in 2008. He’s also completed an end to end tour of Ireland, and his first solo tour was from Geneva to Brussels, which he completed in a week. 
This summer, Richard will take on his most demanding challenge yet. Over 90 days he is going to cycle 5000 miles, unsupported, from Vancouver, Canada, to Miami, Florida to raise money for ShelterBox. He’ll be doing so on a bike built locally, in Bridgwater, Somerset. The bike is a Thorn Raven Tour, affectionately known as ‘Holly’. You can read more about Holly here.
A charity particularly close to his heart, ShelterBox provides quick response humanitarian relief to disaster affected areas. They’ve helped victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 and the Haiti earthquake in 2010 as well as many disasters and emergencies that aren’t largely reported in the media. 
To do this, they provide large, green ‘ShelterBoxes’ that contain provisions for those affected by disasters. Each box contains essential survival items, including a tent for extended families, blanks, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, tool kit and other items. They rely on public donations and support to do their work and Richard hopes to raise enough money for 10 boxes (¬£5900).
If he keeps up with his schedule, Richard will be cycling around 55.5 miles a day. He expects to expect to burn in the region of 600 calories per hour while cycling; 3,000 a day – the equivalent of running a marathon every day for three months! To maintain body weight, Richard will need to consume double what he normally eats.
In cycle touring, weight is of huge importance. Every gramme saved results in conserved energy that would have been used to transport that extra weight. To help Richard, we’ve teamed up with Easton Mountain Products to provide Richard with their ultra lightweight Kilo 2P tent. With carbon poles that are around 56% lighter than aluminium ones, the Kilo is one of the lighest tents on the market.
As well as the tent, we’ve also helped him get kitted out with other camping gear he’ll need for his trip. He’s just picked up the lightweight Primas EtaPower MF Stove, which Richard will be using to cook up those 3,000 calories that he’ll need each day!

You can follow Richard on his progress via his website at, his blog at and you can also find him on Twitter @richardonabike.

We’ll keep you updated on his progress and he’ll be guest blogging for us in the future. 

From everyone at Taunton Leisure we wish Richard the best of luck on his journey!

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