Corner to Corner Challenge – Fundraising

I may have been a little bit quiet on the blogging of late, but I have been busy. In the past couple of weeks I have arranged two fundraising static cycles, a quiz night and a raffle. Add to that all the planning required for living on a bike for three months and also trying to find a new job when I return from the states, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks! 

Static Cycle 
The first fundraising event was a static cycle in Nailsea (my home town). A static cycle consists of me sitting on a bike and pedaling for hours at a time with a few mates roped in for company. Not the most exciting cycling I have done! However, the time seemed to fly by as the donations steadily rolled in and lots of interested passers by asked about my journey. 

The best bit of the whole day? The feeling of finally being on my bike and cycling for ShelterBox. One step at a time, I’ll move somewhere soon!

Quiz Night and RaffleThe quiz night was held in my local pub, the Richmond. Team names were to have a reference to cycling or the USA and round included “Cycling” and “The USA”, although the names of the rounds may have been a little misleading.

I have never arranged a Quiz Night or a raffle before, and hope to have a bit of a break before doing it all again, but thought I would share a few of the things I have learnt: 

  • Make your pub quiz easy so people feel clever; 
  • Start selling your raffle tickets more than 10 days before the draw; 
  • Selling raffle tickets is slow progress as everyone wants to know the plans for the USA; 
  • Allow time if you intend selling raffle tickets at work!

I’d like to extend a big thank you to those who donated raffle prizes (in no particular order): 

  • My Mum 
  • Kelly 
  • Bristol Zoo 
  • Taunton Leisure (you’re welcome! – ed)
  • Tesco 
  • Dave Gorman 
  • Airbus 
  • Skinners Brewery 
  • Pizza Provencale (Clifton)

I’d also like to extend a massive thank you to all my friends and family that have taken part in the raffle and quiz night, ultimately I wouldn’t have raised anything without you guys!

So what did we raise!?

Raffle: £867.00
Quiz: £124.00
Collections: £340.35

Despite all the fantastic fund raising, that is still only 22% of my fundraising target! If you’d like to donate, you can do it via

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