Corner to Corner USA: Prologue (UK Leg)

@richardonabike has made it to North America and has began his ‘Corner to Corner’ challenge. We were delighted to welcome Rich to our Taunton shop recently to pop in and say hello and so we could give him a good send off!
Corner to corner USA: Prologue (UK Leg): I decided to start the journey at ShelterBox HQ in Helston, Cornwall. The visit to ShelterBox offered a chance for me to see first-hand what work ShelterBox do. The plan was then to cycle from Helston to Reading, picking up a few friends upon the way, before then catching my flight to Vancouver.
I cycled from Lizard to Bristol with my mate Paul, my cycling buddy. The plan was then to pick up a few more people for the weekend ride from Bristol to Reading…
Good luck Rich from all of us at Taunton Leisure!

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