East to Miami!!

Our friend Richard Boxhall (@richardonabike) is currently cycling 5,000 miles across the USA to raise money for ShelterBox UK. You can read a full account of his travels on his blog http://richardonabike.blogspot.co.uk

Having cycled from Vancouver to Florence along the Pacific coastline it is now time to turn left and head inland.

The Pacific Coast was not what I expected. When planning this trip, I made a point of not finding out too much about the scenary that awaited me. I have to be honest, I expected the Pacific Coast to be a bit like baywatch……….which it wasn’t!

Lake Quinalt

The coast offered a mixture of beautiful inland and coastal scenary, but in many places you end up counting down the miles as there is so little to look at, although the numerous logging trucks ensure you are never too deep in your thoughts.

I met some great people while travelling down the coast, but I must say a big thank you to my new mate Clifford. We ended up cycling together for four days, having met on my first day on the Pacific Coast. I was having difficulty with my stove and Clifford turned up with his alcohol stoves and saved the day, making tea morning and night (and cooking food). Cheers Clifford, your company was appreciated.

Clifford, no big red dog

Mark, Lyn and Luke

One other unexpected thing; the coast was cold. A daily mist decends, bringing temperatures down to a UK type climate. I have cycled in a jacket every morning since arriving. I am now 60 miles inland and the temperatures have rocketed (34 Deg C today!). Bring on the cycling tan!

Sunset over the Pacific

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