Easton Kilo – New Tent for 2012

In this blog we’re taking a look at a new tent for 2012. The Easton Kilo. 

Easton was founded in 1922 making wooden arrows and bows. They went on to revolutionise archery with breakthroughs in ultra light aluminium arrows. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, they have been part of the mountain products industry for the last 30 years as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of carbon fibre and aluminium tent poles; and snowshoe frames for some of the most renowned brands in the outdoor market.

In 2008 they branched into manufacturing Easton branded product lines, like trekking poles, snowshoes and lightweight tents. The Kilo is one of those lightweight tents. Guess why it’s called the Kilo…

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/20661775 w=400&h=225]

That’s right, because the tent weighs just one kilo. Well, to be precise, it’s 1.17kg but has a stripped weight of 1kg. For a two person tent, that is an incredibly light bit of kit!

In their own words, the philosophy behind Easton’s Kilo is to incorporate the most advanced materials and technologies into an ultra-light freestanding shelter”. It’s certainly an impressive sounding concept; Easton utilises advanced innovation to create a tent that is both light, strong and spacious. Ideal for hiking or treks that last more than one day. 

You should be able to sit inside the tent with the door
open when it’s raining and stay dry. 

The main area of this innovation is in the poles. Most performance tents use aluminium poles that are bring strength and weight saving to the overall package; they’re considered to be the standard for tents of this type.

Instead of aluminium, the Kilo uses poles made of carbon fibre. Developed through years of extensive research and development; and tested in extreme conditions including Everest, K2 and other peaks. They are much stronger and lighter than the standard aluminium poles that can be found in many tents.

Incredibly, the carbon ION poles are 56% lighter than standard aluminium poles and up 300% stronger.

You did read that correctly, three hundred percent stronger than aluminium.

Carbon Poles: Lighter than aluminium, stronger than steel 

The strength to weight ratio is five times that of steel. 

They’re also 60% more resilient to permanent deflection (that’s bending) than aluminium.

These carbon poles also feature AirLock connectors, designed to increase the overall performance of a carbon frame. They save weight, strengthen the connection point and eliminate the need for the heavier shock cord systems that you’re probably already familiar with. For pegging, the tent is bundled with several aluminium stakes that are lightweight, thick and sturdy.

The Kilo uses a 20 denier ripstop nylon flysheet fabric and is a nice easy pitch. This will go up easily within 10 minutes. Once you’ve gotten the process down you’ll be able to drop that time by a couple of minutes. It is inner pitch first, so you’ll have to be quick if it’s raining to avoid getting the inner wet. When it is pitched, the Kilo is sturdy and being a three season tent, it should be able to handle all but the worst conditions. 

It terms of space, the tent is designed as a two person shelter and two people will definitely fit in here, albeit at a slight squeeze. The porch space provisions are functional, but not excessive. There’s room for your essentials like bag, boots and wet gear; plenty of space for just one person to store their gear and spend the night in.

One nice touch I noticed is that the even with the front door open, the flysheet should protect against falling rain getting into the inner tent area, as it protrudes out from the entrance the to inner. Take a look at the picture above to get an idea.

Easton Kilo: An unbelievably light two-man
backpacking tent

This is an ideal extremely lightweight, easy to pitch, shelter from the elements for people who want minimum weight, maximum portability and ease of use. As for how it is to live with, that’s something we are still to learn. If you’d like to read some more impressions of the Kilo then it’s worth visiting this forum page at backpacking light.

The September ’11 edition of Trek & Mountain also features a test of the tent, where it was awarded a strong 9/10 score.

The Kilo looks to be an impressive piece of kit and we’re very much looking forward to the response we’ll get to them when the tent season rolls around again in 2012. We’d love to hear how you think it sounds. Those carbon poles are pretty impressive, huh?

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