eVent vs Gore Tex, which is better?

That perennial conundrum – Event vs Gore Tex. Lots of customers use the ‘Questions’ feature which appears on every product and we had an interesting one from Chris for the Rab Latok Alpine Jacket the other day… ‘is ‘Event’ better than gore-tex ?’
Now that’s one that can’t be answered in a few lines! A simple question, not a straightforward answer. Below was our reply.

eVent vs Gore Tex:  Our answer

“Thanks, good question! eVent is generally regarded as an excellent alternative to Gore-Tex with many customers feeling that the breathability is better and therefore your comfort for some high exertion activities.

“What you don’t get with eVent is a variety of fabrics and constructions as they are usually always in a 3-layer (ply) format (some 2-layer options are out there but less common). Whereas Gore-Tex being much established (& bigger!) means they can offer a wider range of fabrics based on performance & usage like Pro Shell, Performance Shell, Paclite etc.

“Overall the jacket here is a climbers / mountain shell and a fantastic use of eVent as it’s super breathable, packs down small and in 3-layer which is robust and should give many seasons of use.  “I’ve used eVent myself and find it great, probably on a par with Gore-Tex Pro Shell in performance, but you will find that Pro-Shell will cost more. “My advice would be to choose the jacket cut / features / brand & price you like first and if it’s in Gore or eVent then is will work well for either.”

Whilst eVent isn’t as widely used as Gore-Tex (at the time of writing) it’s highly regarded by our staff and matched with the active mountain styles that Rab use if that’s the type of waterproof you are looking for then give it serious consideration.
eVent Jacket – Rab Latok Alpine

As you may expect Gore are always investing in newer & better fabric technologies and the outdoor market is quick to want to test it and use it within their ranges. Innovations like the new Gore Active Shell are pushing breathability performance to even greater levels. It’s also worth noting that even where a fabric name, used in a jacket, doesn’t change like Pro Shell for example Gore may still be developing it any improvements will automatically feed into new season’s styles.

Gore-Tex Jacket – Mountain Equipment Tulipak

If all that sounds like a bit of a pro Gore stance it’s not intended to be! Gore are great at marketing and try to position all the fabrics to suit different markets and uses and their are differences in Pro Shell, Performance etc, not just a different badge but eVent offer a real alternative that lots of customers & our staff love.

A bit of competition in the fabric market and the generally held view that eVent is more breathable means that Gore need to keep developing which ultimately benefits us all as users and that’s got to be a good thing.
So, our view. Event vs Gore Tex? Game on!!

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