Everybody has their baggage

Our friend, Richard Boxhall, is preparing to cycle 5,000 miles across the USA to raise money for ShelterBox UK. Read the latest in his series of blogs for us, as he outlines his kit list for the trip. Don’t forget anything! 

With six weeks to go, I have virtually all the kit I intend to take to the USA.  So for those of you interested in what I will be carrying with me on my trip, I have prepared an inventory.  This has proved a useful exercise and also it has highlighted some things I still need to get!!! (marked with an asterix).

You if you think of anything I may have forgot, please drop me a line at richard@richardonabike.com.


Thorn Raven Tour
Ortlieb Pannier Bags (x5)
Waterproof Bag*
600ml Water Bottles (x3)
Bike Lock*
Inner Tubes (x2), 
Puncture Repair Kit
Bike Repair Kit (i.e. tools)
Spare Spokes (x3)
Spare tyre (folding)
Easton Kilo 2P Tent – Lightweight Tent (<1kg!!!) with carbon poles
Primas EtaPower Camping Stove – This baby runs liquid or gas fuel
Eating Stuff – Ration Tin (x2), Fork/Knife/Spoon Utensil, Silicone Mug, Camping Mug
Sleeping Bag – Vango Ultralight 200
Sleeping bag liner – for the cold nights in the Rockies, I will ditch this when I am back to warmth!
Self-Inflating Roll Mat
Ortlieb water bladder (4ltr)
Spice Box – The greatest purchase I have ever made! The three spices I will start with are salt, cumin and cayenne pepper.

Cycling Kit
Shoes – Shimano SPD*
2 x Bib Shorts
3 x cycling tops
3 x socks
Rain Jacket
Gloves* – I will try and find some tan through gloves to avoid looking like this!

Evening Wear
Underwear (x3)
Socks (x3)
t-shirt (x3)

Electrical Goods

Computer (Acer Aspire Netbook) – for writing/communicating/entertainment/Battery Charging
Mobile phone* (x2) – one with my UK SIM Card to pick up messages, one US SIM Card* for day to day use.
Garmin GPS – Tracks progress and does directions
Spare GPS tracker
MP3 Player
USB Hub*
Nice Things
Coffee Pot
Book(s) – Any recommendations!?


I will be buying all my food in the Canada/ USA to save weight for the flight.


Maps – I currently have maps to get me to Missouri, I’ll sort the rest on the road
Emergency Info Sheet
Microfibre Towel
Shower Gel
Travel Wash* – I will be doing my laundry by hand (or smelling bad!)
First Aid Kit* – I have been told chamois cream is best for saddle sores….

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  1. Richard says:

    Cheers Andy, great ideas. Just got to think of how to make room for them now! Cheers Rich

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