Fits like a glove

Being a big fan of the barefoot running concept, I was intrigued when the Merrell Trail Glove came into our stores, mainly due to the fact I have never seen a running shoe from Merrell before.

First I wore them around the shop for a day and found them very comfortable, being a very well ventilated shoe my feet stayed cool, and relatively dry. I have been using minimal cushioned shoes for about 3 months now, so I took the Trail Gloves straight out for a run. It was a totally different world from what I was used to. As I am already a fore foot striker I didn’t find the running style a problem, but my calves paid for it in the morning- I think therefore wearing them little and often to begin with is very important.

The fit of the shoes are outstanding, the Omni-Fitâ„¢ lacing system really does make the shoes live up to their name. A Vibram sole wouldn’t be my first choice for the sole on a trail shoe, but on road and track it worked very well, my only concern would be on wetter ground and mud where the tread depth and the stickiness of the rubber wouldn’t live up to the job. Although I am aware the Trail Glove is not designed for the serious off road terrain, that shoe is still to come.

The shoe offers good comfort and plenty of room in the toe box, whether you run or walk this is a brilliant starting place to try out the barefoot concept.

Steve T

Exeter Store

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