Free-standing tents


Sometimes you even have to pitch on two boats!

Recently I have been asked for free-standing tents quite a few time from customers. The reasons from which have generally all come down to one reason…..pitch flexibility!

I myself am a big fan of free-standing tents – as a keen kayaker/canoeist you sometimes don’t have the pitch choice that hikers and mountaineers have…..sometimes a rocky island,a pebble beach on the side of a river, or a small protected beach is all you will find to camp on.

The original choice of shelter for these needs is the Tarp, a flexible waterproof sheet to create a canopy. We stock the Robens tarp, a great priced waterproof sheet, with multiple tie-in points, allowing plenty of opportunities for multiple shelters. A great option to really get outdoors and experience the outdoors!

Moving on from tarps…we come to our bargain free-standing tent the Vango Halo 200 / Halo 300.

Free standing tents

Vango Halo 200

If you’re looking for a bargain free-standing tent, look no further! It has twin porches, a 6000mm hydrostatic head (a 6 meter column of water on top of the fabric before it leaks). It pitches outer first, or outer and inner combined, and has plenty of guylines!

One hundred-and-something pounds for the two man is a bargain, but if you want to step up your game you need not to look any further than the top tent brand….



Free standing Tents

(Hilleberg Soulo as used by Renata Chlumska )

(Hilleberg Tarra)

We stock several of their Tents, including the Free-standing Soulo (1 Person), Rogen (2 person) and the ultra-gnarly Tarra (2 person)

These tents are hardcore, designed to cope with extreme conditions, day in – day out! They are never going to be the lightest weight tents, but you will be hard pressed to find a better made, more reliable tent – choice of explorers and adventurers!

Come in and speak to us, see the tents up, and see if we can do you a deal!


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