Give ’em enough rope…

We’ve just been asked an interesting climbing related question on Twitter from Rich Matthews. One which I must confess I didn’t know the answer to myself – not a climber you see!

I asked around the stores and got this answer from Exeter’s Manager Nick Baron and Bristol store’s Jesse. We thought it was worth putting on the blog not only for  Richard to see, but so anyone else out there with the same question can get a quick answer too.

So which is better? Dynamic or Static?

Edelrid Esculap Rope

Edelrid Esculap Rope. Useful stuff.

Nick says:

“It’s a tricky question to answer, but for general scrambling where there is a very low risk of falling and as an emergency/safety rope for abseils and safeguarding exposed sections of a scramble you would probably use a rope like the Edelrid Confidence Rope.

“If I had any ideas of taking on more technical terrain (still scrambling ) with the possibility of a fall, or if you would feel you might have to place protection, I would probably climb on one of these Edelrid Esculap ropes doubled over so that I had the possibility of a 25m abseil. It’s designed to stretch and be safe to take a proper leader fall.”

Jesse says:

“Definitely dynamic! Especially in a mountaineering situation. The only time you would do otherwise is using a semi static confidence rope, but that is only in the situation of giving a member of the party confidence and when a lead fall was in no way going to happen.”

We hope that helps, Rich.

If any of you have any gear or other outdoor related questions then please feel free to tweet us!


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