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Quick and easy to pitch, highly durable, expertly designed and manufactured – Hilleberg 3 season tents offer the explorer maximum performance for ultimate adventure.

Although Hilleberg 3 season tents are their latest development, the Swedish tent making company has a long line in tent innovation.

hilleberg 3 season tents Rogen
Hilleberg Rogen available from Taunton Leisure (Image courtesy of Hilleberg)

Founded by Bo & Renate Hilleberg, in 1971, the brand focused on specialist lightweight tents that are well known for their uncompromising quality and use on expeditions in the harshest conditions, such as Antarctica and the South Pole.

Their products have a reputation for excellent quality, durability and light weight. Over the 40+ years that Hilleberg have been developing and evolving their tent designs they have made many advances in design and features.

Frustrated with the ‘inner pitch first’ tents of the time, Bo Hilleberg came up with a system whereby the inner and outer were connected and could be easily pitched as one – the ‘Keb’ became the first commercial tent to have this feature. In 1977 the feature was redesigned so the fittings could be disconnected from each other. This system has been almost universally adopted and can be found in the vast majority of double skinned tents.

image courtesy of Hilleberg

In 1975 Hilleberg discovered that a certain type of silicone-coated fabric is six to seven times stronger than nearly any other tent fabric.

Their Kerlon SP, 1800 and 1200 are stronger than many “expedition grade” materials on the market. The ‘Kerlon‘ fabric is used in all Hilleberg outer tents, including the well known KaitumNallo and Nammatj models.

Kerlon fabrics are coated on both sides with three layers of 100% silicone, which actually imparts strength into the base material as well as making it completely water proof and next to impossible to tear with your bare hands.

We have Kerlon material samples and customers at our Sanders tent show are often asked to attempt to tear the fabric to no avail. The strength of this material actually prevents punctures in the fabric becoming severe and in some cases it’s possible to rub the material in such a way that small holes can be closed up.

Our Hilleberg range use Kerlon 1200 and the new lightweight 1000 materials. These materials have an exceptional tension and tear strength and resistance to light.

New Hilleberg Models:

There are two new Hilleberg 3 season tents, the ‘Anjan’ and ‘Rogen’. These aren’t merely ‘summer’ tents, but tents specifically optimised for three season use. They are still capable of withstanding poor weather conditions and are intended for those who don’t need all season function, but require reliable strength, light weight and optimum ventilation.

They’re are designed to cope with the snow free conditions of northern Scandinavia, where the climate can go from warm sunshine to cold rain and wind in an instant. Sound familiar?

hilleberg 3 season tentsFor this range, Hilleberg have developed their lightest materials, zippers and pegs to keep weight down to an absolute minimum.


The Kerlon 1000 flysheet is a 20 denier nylon with a weight of 40g/m2 and a tear strength of 10kg/22lbs – exceptional strength for such a low weight. Inner Tent materials are also their lightest, with a 20 denier ripstop nylon weighing just 30g/m2.

The floor is a double coated polyurethane 50 denier nylon with 5000mm hydrostatic head and a weight of 75g/m2.

As for poles, you’ll find 9mm DAC Featherlite NSL aluminium poles on these tents and all other Hillebergs in our range. The section connecting inserts are almost the same diameter as the rest of the pole making NSL poles both stronger and lighter than standard style tent poles.

Hilleberg Anjan:

Named after a lake in northern Sweden, the Anjan is ideal for hikers and trekkers who want a roomy but lightweight shelter in spring, summer and autumn as well as those in hot conditions. There’s plenty of space not just for occupants, but also for their gear.

It’s highly versatile and adjustable, enabling the user to utilise airflow effectively for good ventilation and optimising spacial arrangements to suit requirements. The low weight also makes both new Hilleberg 3 season tents an easy carry for the individual who wants a bit of extra space.

hilleberg 3 season tents anjan

Based on the design of the ‘Nallo‘, the Anjan is around 20% lighter than its all season bigger brother; with a minimum packed weight of 1.7kg on the Anjan 2.

Strong enough for 3 season use in exposed areas, the tunnel design can be pitched on only four pegs.

Key Features:

  • The outer tent deliberately does not reach all the way to the ground. While still protecting against bad weather, this feature is designed to give room for constant airflow to help prevent condensation.
  • Pole sleeve construction and tensioners on outside allow for the adjustment of flysheet height, so it can be lowered to protect against the weather, whichever side it’s coming from.
  • Further aiding ventilation, the front and the back ends of the flysheet can be rolled away exposing the mesh vent at the back and the inner door at the front.
  • The inner is a breathable, air permeable fabric that features integrated storage pockets, rear vent and front door which includes a large mesh panel.
  • It can actually be used by itself in the hottest conditions by threading the poles through the attached holders.
  • The ‘bathtub’ groundsheet is both highly waterproof and strong – resistant of abrasions, snags and punctures.
  • Finally, the front vestibule allows for easy access, storage, and is customisable. It can be configured to open from the front or the side or rolled up in a few different ways to help regulate air flow.
Hilleberg three season tents Anjan Spec

Hilleberg Rogen:

Named after a nature preserve in northern Sweden, The Rogen is a self standing dome tent, reminiscent of it’s all season cousin, the Allak. This design makes for a stable structure. Suitable for three season camping in any kind of weather, the Rogen has plenty of room for two occupants and their gear.

HIlleberg 3 season tents Anjan

Key Features:

  • The tent is ideal for ‘Paddlers, summer mountain scramblers, backpackers [and] bicycle tourers’ and like the Anjan, it uses the new lightweight Kerlon 1000 silicone-coated fabric.
  • Also like the Anjan, the flysheet material deliberately does not reach ground level to encourage optimal venting.
  • As well as the sturdy structure (using DAC Featherlite NSL aluminium poles) the main appeal of this design lies in the spaciousness on offer. There’s plenty of height for taller users to sit inside and prepare dinner, while the twin vestibules offer ample storage space with cross venting opportunities for fantastic airflow.
  • Either side entrance can be open or closed to provide flexible entry/exit and protect against wind or weather from a particular direction.
hilleberg 3 season tents rogen spec
Hilleberg Rogen details (click to zoom)
  • Again, the inner can be used independently of the flysheet by detaching pole holders from the outer and moving them to the inner.
  • There are two integrated pockets for storage. It also features doors of mostly mesh for venting in hot conditions.

Hilleberg 3 season tents are based on experience gained through years of design, evolution and testing. They use the highest quality materials that must conform to the strictest lab based scrutiny and rigorous testing in the field.

Such high quality, long lasting materials are something that will cost a bit more. That said, for the money, the final product will significantly outperform those made with lower quality materials, not only in the fabric, but with the reliability of appendages such as zippers, guylines, runners and other fittings.

If you’re serious about camping and exploring and you frequently seek shelter outdoors, you’ll need a tent that’s both strong and light, reliable, versatile and easy to use. You’ll be very hard pressed to find anything quite as suitable as a tent from Hilleberg.

They really are up there with the best tents money can buy. We are an authorised Hilleberg supplier and are one of the longest, most established retail partners of this superb Swedish brand. Our Hilleberg 3 season tents and our full range can be viewed on our website:

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