How much do we recycle?

Being a company that receives many deliveries of new stock and items from our suppliers we see more than our fair share of plastic containers, cardboard boxes and other bits and pieces that keep our items safe and secure in transit. We’re looking for ways to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Every week our delivery van; a rather marvellous Mercedes Sprinter, takes all our waste cardboard and plastic to be recycled at D S Smith recycling in Exeter. The Van is weighed when it enters the facility, it’s contents are emptied for recycling and then it is weighed again.

Each time, we’re given a piece of paper with a few figures on it; start weight, end weight and the difference between the two. The difference being how much has been unloaded from the van and recycled in kilograms (kg).

One of these for each time we recycle.
Now that’s a lot of recycling.

I’ve been going through these receipts and have added up the differences on every trip to give us a number for the total amount we have recycled since this time last year. The total weight of our recycling in cardboard and plastic since 14/11/10 is…

*drum roll please*


That’s eight and a half metric tonnes!! 

The equivalent of….

  • The World’s largest ice cream cake- made in Beijing in 2006
  • 3.5 Bentley Continental GTs
  • 126 Outwell Wolf Lake 7s!

It doesn’t finish there though! We also use the money that we get from recycling our wooden pallets and donate it to charity. Recently we’ve donated to the Cardiomyopathy Association as well as the World Land Trust.

We have staff who have baked cakes for Pudsey Bear and Children in Need for the last few years and the lads from our Bristol store are currently taking part in Movember! Pictures to come soon on that one!

In total over the last year we’ve donated just over ¬£800 to charities and causes that our staff members care about and we hope that we can continue to help in whatever way we can.


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