Icebreaker Merino Lucky (Sheep) Dip!

We are currently giving away hundreds of pounds of fantastic Icebreaker Merino products online and across our three stores.

Enter our online draw! All entrants will receive a voucher code for an extra 10% off of any of our Icebreaker Merino product range!

You’ll also have a chance to win from the following prize pool:

  • 1 x Men’s or Women’s Oasis LS Crewe
  • 1 x Men’s or Women’s Tech T Lite
  • 1 x Sierra Gloves
  • 6 x Icebreaker Pocket Hats

Click here to enter the draw!

In store, our customers have been taking part in a separate lucky (sheep) dip giveaway, reaching into the magic box and trying to win some of these great prizes (and some, er, “sheep’s poo!”)

  • Golden Ticket to win any Icebreaker worth up to £150.00 RRP.
  • Icebreaker Pocket Hats 
  • Bags of Sheep Poo! – Don’t worry, it’s not really sheep poo! We have chocoloate covered raisins for those who play the sheep dip, but do not win the grand prize!
  • Helix Jackets (RRP £180.00)

We’ve already had several winners and given away some great prizes!

IMG_0473 10518842_10152928643234673_2621581931554883238_n 1536460_10152928830909673_1970616196537955277_n 10390975_10152934586539673_5667630914162581891_n 1463434_10152940972624673_1541873356500170008_n 10671328_10152940972594673_5566173660747794397_n

Congratulations, guys! We hope you love your new merino wool kit.

So, a reminder. Our giveaway is not limited to stores. We are running a giveaway online, which you can enter now! It’ll will be drawn at the end of the month (30/11/14).

All entrants will get an extra 10% off any Icebreaker product in our online range.

Not bad, huh?

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