Kenton Cool Everest Triple Crown Lectures, Bristol & Exeter

Arctic Explorer, Mountaineer and Sherpa Adventure Gear athlete, Kenton Cool gives an illuminating account of his Everest Triple Crown: a seven day conquering of the three mountains that make up the ‘Everest Horseshoe’ – Lhotse, Nuptse and Everest.

Two lectures will be taking place in the South West of England. One at The Quay Climbing Centre, Exeter (December 9) and the other at Undercover Rock, Bristol (December 10).

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All proceeds will be going to the Paldorje Fund, providing much-needed headstart scholarships to less fortunate Sherpa children.


About Kenton Cool

IFMGA world mountain guide, adventurer and Olympics torch bearer

One of the world’s leading alpine climbers, Kenton Cool has 11 Everest summits under his belt.

In 2013, Kenton made global news by climbing the Everest Trilogy—Everest, Lhotse (world’s 4th highest peak) and Nuptse (world’s 19th highest)—in the space of five days.

In 2012 he fulfilled the Samsung Olympic Games Pledge by carrying an Olympic Gold Medal—originally awarded to the 1922 Everest Expedition at the 1924 Winter Olympics—to the top of Mount Everest, thus fulfilling a 90-year-old pledge to see one of the medals successfully reach the summit.

In 2011, Kenton became the focus of the world’s media after proving that 3G was now accessible on the summit of Mount Everest by placing a call to his wife, Jazz.

Career Highlights:

• First European to summit Everest ten times

• First non-Asian to summit Everest twice in one week

• Guided Sir Ranulph Fiennes to the summit of Everest and the Eiger (raising £3m for Marie Curie Cancer Care)

• Only Briton to ski down two 8000m mountains

• Nominated for the Piolet D’or


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