Introducing Marmot NanoPro

2014 has seen the release of new NanoPro waterproof technologies from Marmot that have proven to be a revelation in the waterproof technology category. The level of performance on offer here belies it’s entry-level categorization – Marmot NanoPro offers exceptional value and cutting edge performance.

NanoPro is available in two forms.

  • Marmot NanoPro – A coating that utilises a superior microporous structure that is dynamically air permeable, allowing for air exchange to help shed excess moisture vapor without compromising the waterproofness or windproofness of the garment. The most technologically advanced 2.5-Layer coating on the market.
  • Marmot NanoPro Membrane – A membrane that delivers all of the superb breakthroughs of NanoPro -designed for users of super-lightweight gear and those who are looking to save weight.


NanoPro utilises a new microporous technology. New small, very densely packed pores allow for enhanced breathability while maintaining an excellent waterproofing ability. Pores are 30% more compact than previous generations.

Dynamic Air Permeability

Essentially this means the more you move, the more air is exchanged. Moisture vapor is quickly shed without compromising waterproof performance or wind protection. This innovative new technology provides you with superior comfort and extraordinarily durable weather protection.

See how this technology works. On the left is the new NanoPro fabric, on the left is the old technology – watch what happens when we use the pump and the difference between the two!

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