Matt’s Top 10 Tips For Ten Tors 2016!

Matt is a member of staff from our Taunton Store and is a veteran of the Ten Tors events, having completed the event five times including two 55 Mile Challenges!

“Make sure you enjoy it! Dartmoor is a beautiful place and Ten Tors is an excellent event”

1. Expectation; expect it to be challenging, Ten Tors isn’t designed to be easy. Everyone will have their own challenges to overcome!

2. Motivation; you’ve trained hard for the event, be confident that you can complete the challenge as a team. Remember, completing the event as a team of six before 5pm is better than a team of five before 4pm.

3. Communication; talk to your team-mates! Everyone will have periods where they struggle, but as long as the team is talking to one another, the team morale will stay high.

4. Nutrition; eat little n’ often throughout the weekend. Stopping for lunch may lead to your muscles seizing up and make the following hour very uncomfortable.

5. Preparation; don’t stay up late on the Friday night! You probably won’t get much sleep during Saturday night but you’ll be very grateful for every second by Sunday afternoon.

6. Carb Loading; resist temptation, don’t over-eat at breakfast on Saturday morning. You may find it uncomfortable to walk on a full stomach.

7. Foot Care; foot care is really important! Take plenty of spare socks that you know are comfortable. Socks will almost certainly get wet, nothing beats a dry pair of socks halfway through Saturday and Sunday morning.

8. Personal Admin; make sure you eat dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, even if you’re exhausted! Having dinner on Saturday will help you to recover overnight and replenish your energy stores! Skipping breakfast on Sunday will only lead to a slump in energy! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

9. Decision Making; be confident in your abilities! Don’t follow other teams – make your own decisions. Their route finding may be poor or they may be camped in the wrong place or even going through a restricted area. Remember, they may not be doing the same route as you!

10. Make sure you enjoy it! Dartmoor is a beautiful place and Ten Tors is an excellent event! It may be challenging at times, but it’ll be worth it!

Check out the Ten Tors 2016 Kit List (Ftt7) here: Ten Tors 2016 Kit List (PDF)

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