More Bosigran Adventures

Exeter’s recent post on Bosigran reminded me of a wonderful day trip in Feb 2008 to climb Commando Ridge, more correctly known as Bosigran Ridge; but named Commando Ridge after its use By the Cliff Assault Wing of the Royal Marines for training in WW2. My companions were Mark, who at that time worked for Taunton Leisure and other friends Sasch and Mitch.

We set off from Taunton at 0800 and despit my ignominious fall into the mud enroute to the cliff we were climbing by 1100. The swell was about 15feet high and certainly added spice to the traverse to the start of the climb, which is approx four hundred feet of relatively easy climbing.

Mitch on one of the more photogenic pitches!

We drove home past this Quoit (Lanyon Quoit with Ding Dong Mine on the Horizon) and arrived back in Taunton By 2000.

A fond memory.
Pete – Taunton

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