My choice for early morning photo shoots..

As a keen amateur photographer, I sometimes have to force myself out of bed at a time in the morning that’s normally associated with people coming home from a night out. Just so I can capture a photo during the “golden hour” at sunrise when the morning light is at it’s best. Trying to do this during the cold, wet months of winter however does not make it easier.
So to combat this, I spent a fair bit of time looking for a coat that can keep me warm while I’m sat in the dark waiting for the sun to rise. I eventually decided to go with the Rab Generator Alpine.
On the Rab website it states, “perfect as a midlayer for backpacking, climbing and mountaineering”. What that actually means is that it’s perfect to keep you warm while sat at a belay point while your partner climbs. And that is what I wanted, a coat that can retain heat when you’re not active. What makes the coat warm is the Primaloft insulation.
Primaloft is a synthetic ultra-fine microfiber with a core that retains warmth and repels water. It is as compressible, light and breathable as down. It’s best feature though is that, unlike down, it can stay warm even when wet. Which in the UK is a major benefit, as it can get very wet in this country.
The outer of the coat is made Pertex endurance, which is a lightweight material that increases the water repellence of the coat and is 100% windproof. (And is also very tough having survived a sledging crash into a thorny bush without a single scratch). Inside, the coat is lined with Pertex Quantum. Which is the lightest pertex available and is very comfortable against the skin.
The coat doesn’t have taped seams so it can’t call itself waterproof. But the warm when wet Primaloft combined with the strong water repellence of inner and outer Pertex layers, means it’s a coat that can still keep you dry in all but the heaviest of downpours.
The coat features;
  • A helmet compatible hood with adjustable drawcords. Once fitted properly, the hood will always move with your head, so none of that looking into your hood when you turn your head.
  • Internal security pocket and a cavernous map pocket on the outside that the coat can stuff into.
  • Velcro cuff tabs.
Put all that together and you have a coat that I can feel comfortable and warm in whether going for a hike across the Yorkshire moors, walking about town during the winter months, or if I’m sat, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere taking a photo at silly o’clock in the morning.
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