New Demos at the Tent Show

After over 12 weeks of constant exposure to the wind, rain and sun, our polyester models have started to give up the ghost; they begin to look tired and need replacing.

That is no shame. These tents get the equivalent of many years use condensed into half a season on display in all weathers and conditions. 

It is standard practice for us to replace and refresh our demo line up midway through the season, which is exactly what we’ve done.
Jim pitches a brand new Outwell Oakland XL
It’s at this time of the year where the market leading quality of our tents with polycotton flysheets really come into their own. 

We don’t replace these the polycotton tents at the half way point of the season for a simple reason – there’s still a lot of life left in them. One of the major advantages of the polycotton flysheet material is that is stronger and harder wearing than polyester. This is one of the reasons why the price of a polycotton tent is higher than a polyester one. 

In some cases, where the tent hasn’t changed from one year to the next, we will reuse the previous year’s demo model. These tents are so durable that we could display certain models for several seasons if we wanted to, because they last for so long. In fact this year there is one tent displayed (Nomad Lodge 4 Air) which was displayed for the whole of last season too. 

Ones to Watch

As well as refresh our demo models lineup, we’ve also introduced some new ones too for you to see. Here are some to look out for:

Vango Odyssey 400

Spacious, easy to pitch & great value

New to us this year, the Odyssey is a great solution for those on a budget who are looking for a tent with stand up height. This four person model has a division between the bedrooms as well as a linked in ‘riser’ groundsheet, while not fully sewn in, it gives the effect of a sewn in groundsheet. The living space is ample and it’s a nice easy tent to pitch.

Nomad Bantu 6 Air

Bantu 6 – One of the top performing family tents in our range

We’ve swapped the Bantu 4 over for its bigger brother, the Bantu 6. It offers sleeping room for an extra two people and is one of the roomier, more unique offerings in our range. The extra long pole sleeves and DAC aluminium poles give this tent great stability. Nicknamed ‘the Armadillo’, because the tent will bunker down and won’t move when under threat, it’s polycotton fabric is very strong and highly breathable.

Vango Calisto 400:

The Calisto range has been hugely popular since it was introduced last year. This year’s model has had a bit of a redesign incorporating a new ‘stub canopy’ and larger living space inside.

Vango Omega 250

Ideal for D of E expeditions, scouting, youth groups, or those that just want a lightweight, small packing tent at a reasonable price. The Omega 250 is spacious with enough room for two. The generous porch area is idea for storing gear, and the TBS II system enables the tent to stay sturdy in all but the very worst conditions. The 2012 model features a new front porch groundsheet, which attaches differently, as well as new Line Lok guyrunners which make adjustment a breeze!

Vango Shelter

Not technically a tent, but we love the Vango Shelter because it packs away small, it’s easy to pitch and is incredibly versatile. Pitch it as we have done in the picture with the poles in the middle eyelets and use as an extension of your tent. You can also put the poles into the other eyelets and make a nice outside seating area.  

We’ve also swapped the Outwell Vermont XLP with the slightly smaller Vermont LP for the second half of the season.

Full tent display range:

Bear Lake 6
Montana Lake
Trout Lake 4
Nevada M
Nevada XL
Glendale 5
Montana 6
Illinois 6
Oakland XL
Monterey 5
Kauai Reef
Montana 6P
Vermont LP
Lousiana 5P

Smart Tunnal Fusion 300
Smart Tunnal Fusion 400

Airbeam Infinity 800
Airbeam Eternity 600
Airbeam Kinetic 500

Tigris 800 XL
Tigris 600XL
Calisto 600
Calisto 400
Icarus 500

Omega 250
Omega 450
Apex 200
Spirit 300+

Alpha 300
Beta 350

Zeal 500
Ark DS 200
Ark DS 300

Safir 9
Zirkon 15
Onyx 7
Onyx 5

Hayling 6
Hayling 4
Frinton 3
Frinton 5

Bantu 6 Air
Lodge 4 Air
Masai 2 Air

Double Dreamer
Triple Dreamer
Cabin 300
Cabin 600

We also have specialist and expedition tents from brands including Hilleberg, Terra Nova, Mountain Equipment, and Force Ten by Vango that we are happy to pitch on request.

There will be plenty of other new bits and pieces going up in the forthcoming weeks and of course, we’d be happy for you to come down and take a look!

More info on Sanders Tent Show:

“At Sanders Gardenworld we have a full display of family tents and will be happy to pitch any specialist tents we have in stock. 
This award winning garden centre is so easy to get to and a great place to take your time when viewing and choosing from our ranges throughout the spring and summer.
A great opportunity to see our tent range in all its glory as well as a large range of camping accessories in  our marquee. One of the largest tent displays in the South West with arguably the most diverse range of any retailer in the UK and all at great prices. You can buy from our shows and shops at the same price as you can online.”

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