New In! Fjällräven Outdoor Clothing

Whilst going through the delivery today I got wind that the New Fjällräven kit was in there somewhere, so of course I side-tracked the usual North Face Triclimate’s, and the Jetboil gas and headed for the boxes that has the new (to us) Brand Fjällräven. I of course have had a quick look through the catalogue and website prior to the stock coming in, and I was quite interested in the alternative to the the normal membrane waterproofs. But little did I know just how nice looking and feeling the kit was going to be.

The first item opened was the Keb Fleece Jacket, in a nice Olive green…straight away different to all of our other fleeces. This fleece has a 70/30 Polyester/Wool mix, and a lovely fitted feel. Putting the fleece on the immediate reaction was this is nice and comfy, with long arms a large exterior pocket on the breast just about fits an OS map (although looks silly!) With extra details such as G1000 fabric reinforced shoulders and leather pull tabs on the zippers this fleece jacket is definatly going on my wish list!

Fjällräven  clothing

Brad tries some of the new Fjällräven kit.

Next onto the hangers were the Abisko Jacket’s….a similar look to the Keb, but a soft shell this time. G1000 lite fabric is on the front and arms, with a stretch fabric everywhere else. Putting the jacket on you get an immediate feel of that well known Scandinavian quality, with a fit you would expect of an around outdoor/mountaineering jacket….nice long arms, pull cord waist and…..shock horror….a massive hood 🙁 Don’t panic, all is not lost, and the truth is revealed when you zip the jacket all the way…the hood has an adjuster at the back and this pulls the hood snugly around your head, with the hood following your head when you look left, right, up and down. The G1000 fabric on its own is wind and water resistant and you can further its waterproofness/wind resistance with the wax.

Fjallraven Skogso Jacket

The Skogso Jacket

Last of the jackets to appear were the Skogso Jackets….These are made of 100% G1000 lite, so can be tailored with the wax to  your preference. On the hangar the jacket doesn’t look all that amazing, but when you throw it on (I tried it on over the Keb) it seems to transform. A nice tailored outdoor jacket, with host of exterior pockets, all with the obligatory Leather tabs, the Skogso jacket well may be my favourite soo far! Steve has performed the obligatory “water spray test” and as standard it beads beautifully…..only time will tell how well the water repelancy will last, but once a bit of wax is put on I reckon that the jacket will take all Blighty has to throw at it. The jacket will look at home in the Countryside, in the woods and in the pub.

Fjallraven Barents Pro Trousers

Barents Pro. Proper Trousers.

I’ve only had a quick look (and try on) of the Barents Pro trousers. These general use outdoor trousers are made from original G1000… can be a fully waterproof pair of trousers…perhaps becoming the fabled “waterproof normal trousers” With a plethora of pockets these trousers look like they could out function a Swiss army knife. A great idea by Fjällräven with these is that they don’t send them out in any specific length fit, but leave them raw at the bottom for the end-user to finish at the desired length……and with my shorter legs I could almost make a pair of shorts out of the left over fabric!

I love the philosophy of Fjällräven’s kit, and the fact that they are still using an old technology, and making it work today. These bits of kit look like they will last a lifetime and I certainly intend to test that out! Bring on a jacket that I don’t have to worry about getting gorse thorns through, or have to keep washing! The little extras also add to the feel…..leather tabs look classy, and will weather with age, as will the brass buttons. Adding wax will make everyone’s jackets individual….I certainly am looking forward to seeing more of Fjällräven this year!

– Brad

You can see our full range of Fjällräven right here.

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