New Gore-Tex Surround Technology

There’s a new membrane in town from Gore-Tex, known as ‘SURROUND’.gore-tex-logo

Not being the sort to rush out new technology with no good reason, we’re pretty excited about the new Surround technology that customers will be able to see in new Meindl X SO 70 GTX walking boot.


What is Surround? According to the press release, it is ‘…the first and only technology to make possible all-round breathable and durable waterproof boots and shoes.”

What does that actually mean?

It means 360′ all-around breathable & waterproof boots and shoes.

Essentially, waterproof outdoor footwear/walking boots are waterproof and breathable around the top and sides of the fabric, ‘above’ the foot, but not underneath the foot on the sole-side.

Gore-Tex Surround is an innovation that will bring enhanced breathability and comfort by keeping the wearer’s foot drier.

How is it done?

  • Normally, walking boots and shoes are completely enclosed beneath the foot.
  • In Surround, sweat is channelled away from the foot more quickly and efficiently via the patented open construction of the technology.
  • Moisture and warmth can escape from below the foot through the GORE-TEX membrane into a “spacer”, and from there, through the sides of the shoe via the ventilation outlets. The result is dry feet, both from the inside and the outside.

Here’s a fancy diagram:


An new range of MEINDL shoes and boots have been produced using this new technology. We’ll be stocking the Men’s X SO 70 Mid GTX, and will be looking forward to hearing how our customers get on with them.

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