New Petzl Meteor III Climbing Helmet suits cyclists & canoers too!

Are there any climbing, skateboarding, cycling, rollerskating canoeists out there?

I’m sure there must be, well the new updated Petzl Meteor helmet has now been rated for cycling / skating sports and canoeing as well as climbing of course.

When the Meteor was first launched the familiar expanded foam construction with hard shell over looked all the world like a cycling helmet but of course it’s not so simple as that and Petzl resisted getting it tested or rated probably due to cost or maybe small design changes being required.

With the updating to the new III + version they have taken all this into consideration and all the appropriate EN rating (European standards) have been passed.

The helmet itself has been completely redesigned but still retain the lightweight feel, excellent venting and comfortable foam padded fit.

Second set of foam pads & mesh carry bag included

Clips to attach a head torch are included in the design and as it’s a one size fits all the fitting options are simple with a ratchet type rear adjustment, similar to most cycle type helmets, and extra foam padding inserts to alter the fit internally too.

The Meteor won’t suit all climbing applications, if it’s principally mountaineering then a traditional polycarbonate shell, like the classic Petzl Ecrin Roc, is maybe a better option, being a bit more hard wearing. These are also more popular for group use as they take general abuse better. Although comfortable they usually weigh a bit more and often due to materials and design don’t have as much venting.

However if it’s for yourself for mixed climbing use and you wear a lid outside in Summer then the extra vents and super comfort make this one worth trying on.

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