Northern lights caught by a cigarette break

TenTipi Sweden trip.
We are at the beginning of the season and I find myself selling one of our most prestigious tents that I find a joy and fun to sell .It seems that anybody interested in buying a tipi has a good sense of humour and an enthusiasm for the outdoors.
I can relate to these customers as I have been to the factory in northern Sweden/artic circle, for a look at the way in which they are made and to test them in some rather harsh but enjoyable conditions -20oc and about 2 metres of snow.

Whilst testing the tipi’s we were also snowmobiling this adds to the temperature because of the wind chill so clothing choice was something I had to consider long and hard.


Personally I chose some ice breaker layers (260 weight) and a Primaloft Jkt x 2(one on top of the other) on my hands I wore an inner glove and a Lowe alpine mountain glove, head wise I wore a fleece lined waterproof cap and a good set of goggles mine were bloc.

Having this quality of kit made the experience more enjoyable. I think if I was lucky enough to do it a second time I would still go with the icebreaker base layer but on top I would go with my new neutrino endurance Jkt as it would be lighter to pack and a more comfortable fit.
I hope this has given you something to aspire to, as this trip is one I will never forget and will tell the grand kids about or any customer who will listen!

Finally to explain the title I was lucky enough to see a small glimpse of the northern lights. We were all in the communal Tentipi when one of the smokers came in and announced that the northern lights were visible so thank you Nick otherwise I would have missed them!

Tony Cox
Bristol manager

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  1. poloskosk says:

    I like to travel to an unknown place. But I like most to the country where is very cold and where false snow. I like the season very much.headwise

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