Outwell Tents 2013 – Buying Guide (Part 2)

Want to know what’s new in Outwell for 2016? Check out our up to date guide to Outwell tents!

After looking at new innovations in the Classic Collection, the Sun Collection and the brand new inflatable Smart Air range in Part one, we continue our look at family sized Outwell tents for 2013 with part two of our buying guide. Here we take a look at more innovations as well as revisit some old favourites…

Outwell Tents Premium Collection

Tents in our range: Georgia 7P & 5PMontana 6PVermont XLPVermont LP.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5CqfOAHPH0?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Home to the iconic, award winning Montana 6P, the Premium collection offers market leading quality and features in polyester tents.Tents from this range are ‘top of the tree’ when it comes to all round build quality, innovation and versatility.

All tents in this range use Outtex Polyester 5000 HH,  groundsheet is a double-coated 100% polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head and main poles are strong anodized steel.

Brand New: 2013 Outwell Georgia 5P & 7P

An evolution of last year’s Lousiana, the Georgia is a different take on the traditional tunnel tent bedroom arrangement.

The tent features two ‘teenager rooms’ – separate bedroom areas designed to minimize connecting walls for privacy – ideal for those who can’t share a bedroom without starting world war three! Available for 5 or 7 people (as the name suggests) – the 7P having larger ‘teenager rooms’.

As for design, for 2013 Outwell have extended the front porch area, turning it into a larger and more usable space.

In our experience, in store and at our summer tent show, we’ve heard a lot from customers looking for a tent with three main compartments – bedroom area, living space and separate front porch area for sitting in, storage of wet gear or larger items, like bicycles. The Georgia models fit the bill excellently.

The front area has a removable groundsheet and can be divided from the living space by a large zip door for privacy when required.

Other features include:

  • Wind Stabilizer System
  • Night sky ceiling for reduced sunlight in the bedrooms
  • Hanging Point System
  • Colour coded Easy Pegging System.
  • More info.

Key Feature: Panorama Front/Room

The Panorama Front/room brings fantastic all-round vision and a spacious feeling from inside all tents in this collection. Like a conservatory for your tent, it’s a great area to relax and admire the view while watching the world go by.

The ‘Front’ is an incorporated enhancement of the living space, whereas the ‘Room’ is more of a separation from the living space, with its own groundsheet – as is the case in the Georgia.

The great views on offer are enhanced by tinted windows, helping to keep out the glare of the sun, while zipped curtains achieve privacy when required.

There’s also a small stowage pouch allowing you to store the curtains away quickly and neatly when you want them open.

This feature has been rolled out to Outwell tents in the Classic Collection as well as those in the new Evolution Collection too.

Outwell Tents Deluxe Collection

Tents in our range: Montana 6, Oakland XL, Glendale 5

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lea_oee6c0?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

The popular Deluxe Collection returns for 2013 with a new ‘Foliage Green‘ colourway. This is Outwell’s most popular range of tents – a great mix of value, features and quality.

Tents in this range use the Outtex Polyester fabric flysheet at 4000 hydrostatic head. Poles are a mixture of load bearing steel and fibreglass to extend usable space, all colour coded. Floor material is a double-coated 100% polyethylene with 10,000 mm hydrostatic head.

Tents in the Deluxe Collection can withstand wind forces of up to force 9 on the Beaufort Scale.

2013 Outwell Oakland XL

The Oakland has always been a popular seller. This five person tunnel tent is easy to pitch, very stable and provides lots of light thanks to the large windows.

The Wind Stabilizer System and luminous, pre attached guylines enable the tent to perform in winds up to 47-54mph (enough to blow branches off trees!).

Inside, the living space is ample (roughly 3m squared) and the bedroom areas are split into a three and a two person using a zipped division panel. Wave shaped Hanging Point System evenly spreads the weight of the inner attachment, reducing strain on the flysheet.

Other features include:

  • Rain safe side entrance
  • Toggle up curtains
  • Cable entry point
  • Outwell Easy Pegging System
  • More info.

Key Feature: Outtex Polyester Fabric


Outwell use the latest advances in technology in the development of their Outtex polyester fabric. The fabric is a 75D 100% polyester taffeta; it’s a fine, tightly-woven material with approximately the same number of yarns in both directions.

Naturally UV-resistant, it has a low moisture retention rating, allowing moisture to dry rapidly. Polyester taffeta resists stretching and sagging and can be found in all Outwell tents.

In real terms, it’s lighter in weight, quicker drying and more manageable than the heavier duty polycotton fabric on tents from, say, the Classic Collection.

All Outwell polyester tents have fully taped seams and a polyurethane coating to aid water repellency.

Not only does the coating protect against the rain, but it can also help guard against exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun, that will eventually cause the material to become brittle, losing its water repellency. However, the kind of exposure you would need would be several years of regular use.

Outwell Tents Privileged Collection

A brand new collection for 2013, featuring new models the Covington 4, Denison 5, and Amarillo 6.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2us5K6aI_PQ?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

The Privileged Collection is made up of three tents based on best selling Outwell designs at an entry level price.

These tents are still packed with quality and innovation, each using a Outtex Polyester 3000 hydrostatic head flysheet material with luminous guylines, Duratec fibreglass poles 11/12.7mm and sewn -in Double-coated 100% polyethylene groundsheet.

Brand New: 2013 Outwell Amarillo 6

The Amarillo 6 is a six person tunnel design, essentially a polyester version of a 2012 Bear Lake 6. Featuring a good sized zip off front canopy for shelter, large windows and three two person bedrooms each with a zipped division between each room enabling you to make one large sleeping area if you so require.

Other features include:

  • Organiser pockets
  • Lamp holder and cable tidies
  • Ventilation mesh panels
  • Toggle up curtains.  

Key Feature: Wind Stabilizer System

Even though it was only introduced in 2011, it’s already become an essential feature to many Outwell tents – the Wind Stabilizer System is an innovation that is so simple yet adds a huge amount to the stability of a tent when pitched.

It’s a connecting system that works as a direct attachment between the flysheet and tent pole.

The system wraps around the pole, connecting it to a tent, and a guy line runs off the system to be pegged into the ground.

This allows tents to remain stable in winds up to 63mph – enough to uproot trees!

Please note that Outwell have not included the Wind Stabilizer system in the Privileged Collection.

And Finally… 2013 Outwell Nevada MP

The hugely popular Outwell Nevada tent now finds itself as part of the brand new Evolution Collection in the new ‘Treetop Green’ colourway

It’s a tunnel tent suited for five people (or 3/4 who like their extra space) – with Outtex Polyester flysheet 4000 hydrostatic head, and poles are colour coded Duratec fibreglass.

The sewn in groundsheet is a double-coated 100% polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head.

The Nevada is always popular and last year awarded a ‘best buy of 2012’ by Which?

The Nevada is now known as the the Nevada MP – the P denotes the new panoramic front which has been added allowing for fantastic views of your surroundings from inside the tent, the biggest new addition from last year.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUa6JBxmqK0?rel=0]

Other features include:

  • Wind Stabilizer System
  • Easy Pegging System
  • Toggle up curtains 
  • Wind shedding flat pole sleeves for added stability
  • This tent can perform in winds to force 9. More info here.

It is the popular combination of features -value, style and ease of pitching – that has made the Nevada such a popular tent over the years.

With the new additions for 2013 we think that trend is set to continue.

Taunton Leisure Outdoor Tent Display

Each year, from Easter until September, we showcase our range of tents near junction 22 M5 at Sanders Garden World, Somerset.

Our display includes over 35 family sized tents as well as specialist, technical tents and tipis as well. Having a 5 month long display enables everyone to see the tents perform come rain, wind, or shine for an extended period of time. This gives us a real appreciation of how tents actually perform on a day to day basis in real world conditions. Our tent show staff are with the tents every day for the whole of the summer and they get to know these tents like they’re family! We have a large marquee full of accessories and keep the tents brand new and in stock. If you see something you can like you can take it away that day!

2016 update: We now operate our Outdoor Tent Shows at the Puxton Park tourist attraction, near Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

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