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As the camping season has drawn to a close we have already turned our attention toward what’s going to be new in tents and accessories for 2015. It seems crazy to think that only a few months ago we were setting up at our Puxton Park tent show for the first time in it’s new location, and now here we are evaluating our range of Outwell tents for the 2015 season.

Myself and Daryl (another member of our web team) were kindly invited by our rep, Angus of OASE Outdoors (the creators of the ‘Outwell’ brand), to visit their headquaters in Give, Denmark and get acquainted with what’s new in Outwell tents & accessories for 2015.

Photo 11-09-2014 08 12 12

Daryl & Angus Pose for a photo upon arrival

OASE Outdoors manufacture over 100 family tents and hundreds of accessory lines to accompany them. Since forming in 1995, the Outwell brand has extended it’s position as the market leading camping equipment and tent manufacturer. Outwell are behind many innovations in tent design and features that have since become standard in the market, including luminous guylines, universal inner tents and tinted windows.

Here’s a peak of what we saw in the showroom. At this stage we’re not allowed to give too much away, but there are certainly some very exciting developments ahead for next year that will be revealed very soon.

Read on and see a sneak peak of a new tent feature for 2015!

Photo 11-09-2014 08 17 18

Lots to see!

Upon arrival we had a quick look at the showroom (seen below) and got settled in, had a quick cup of coffee and then we had a tour of the building, we saw the offices, the dining area, accessory showroom, the gym! The most impressive part, though, was the warehouse.

Photo 11-09-2014 08 25 44

The warehouse is HUGE

As you can see there is shelving that goes right up to the ceiling, forklifts put pallets full of stock on and off the shelving. At the time of visiting the warehouse was at one of the more empty parts of it’s cycle, but there was still a lot to behold and be impressed by.

Seeing the warehouse really made us appreciate the size and scale of the operation. Outwell deliver to over 40 countries, making them the largest camping brand in Europe. The photo above shows one of three warehouse buildings of this size!

After our tour of the warehouse we saw the service area, gym and other rooms. We then watched a short video presentation that outlined Outwell’s vision for the next season and then it was onto the good bit, the tents!

Photo 11-09-2014 08 41 11

…and very welcome we were!

Now, we can’t give too much away yet as to exactly what is going to be part of the 2015 Outwell tent and accessory collection; we’re under strict orders not to divulge too much too soon. We can give you a few little tasters as to what’s new as well as a look at some of the, quite frankly, incredibly scary  mannequins.

Outwell Tents 2015: What’s new

There are several new things for Outwell tents next season. It is no surprise that a brand known for their innovation continues to try and evolve and improve their gear when they can. Here’s what’s new:

  • New tent models
  • New tent ranges
  • New colours
  • Specification upgrades for several key models
  • Developments in tent accessories
  • Changes to tent carpets
  • New tent features, including one of which we’ll show you right here!
  • New sleeping technologies

 Sneak Peak: New Tent Feature – The Extended Canopy System

Photo 11-09-2014 09 49 03

The Extended Canopy System – as modeled by Agnes (I’ve just named her that)

A brand new feature for Outwell in 2015 – The Extended Canopy System brings more versatility to tents in the Deluxe Collection. What is it? Simply put, it is a wonderfully simple, yet clever way of getting more out of the front door of your tent using the included canopy poles that are bundled with all Deluxe Collection tents.

The Extended Canopy system allows for several different pitching options for the canopy, providing additional shade, privacy and shelter when required.

This new feature can be found on all tents in the Deluxe Collection, look out for the ‘E’ as part of the model name to denote the inclusion of the canopy system, for example, ‘Montana 6E’.

Wind & rain testing:

We got see the Outwell rain testing structure in action. A large gantry with attached sprinkler system that can delivery month’s worth of rain in just a few minutes.

Photo 11-09-2014 10 32 53

Outwell tent rain testing in action

As well as being outside, we stood inside the tents and saw first hand how well they shrug off what sounded like a full blown rain storm from the inside!

Not only that, but there is a big wind machine they use at Outwell to test their tents. It’s basically a big American Chevy engine linked up with a giant fan – the exact same thing they use on the airboats that people use to get around the Florida Everglades.

The fan engine machine goes up to 250 kph – you could barely stand up in that wind!


The famous Outwell wind machine certainly packs a punch!

Outwell Tents Complete Collection

This season we ventured into new ground, boosting our already strong relationship with our friends at Outwell. We entered into a partnership to stock the complete collection of Outwell tents, giving our customers the unrestricted choice of any Outwell tent. Whether it was the Concorde L, the Nevada MP or the Country Road Awning; customers could purchase the complete collection of Outwell tents through Taunton Leisure.

Photo 11-09-2014 10 12 47

The Wolf Lake 7 continues as one of Outwell’s flagship tent models for 2015

This commitment enabled us to make more choice available to our customers, enabling more people to explore the outdoors this summer and enjoy the wonderful experience that is camping. For 2015 we are delighted to continue this relationship with Outwell, offering a comprehensive selection of Outwell tents and accessories to our customers.

Keep an eye on our website and social media to stay up to date with the latest news on Outwell tents for 2015 when the full range is unveiled in the not-too-distant future!

What would you like to see from Outwell in 2015? Let us know below!

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