Outwell Tents 2016 – What’s New?

It’s 2016 and our first arrival of Outwell tents is upon us! As well as being one of the top dealers of Outwell tents in Europe, we are privileged to stock the entire range of Outwell tents, what we like to call the Complete Collection.

There are plenty of new innovations in line for the upcoming camping season, including several completely new tent collections, which include new models and new features too. We just cannot wait to get our hands on the new Outwell tent models for 2016.

We’ve already run through the differences that we’re seeing in inflatable tents for 2016 (and their features). Here we’re going to tell you about a few of the new features and improvements in Outwell tents for 2016.

  • Master Bedrooms

110493_Hornet 6SA_Feature photo_25

110492_Vermont 7SA_Icons_22Enlarged inners with a length of 250cm (215cm in standard Outwell inners) offer more scope for mobility and storage from bedside tables to wardrobes. For Smart Air Polyester bedrooms, the slope of the back of the tent is more diagonal, creating standing headroom throughout the inner.

Look out for the following feature icon which indicates the tent has the master bedroom feature.

  • Improved, upgraded inflatable tent systems

Outwell have improved and upgraded the air tube systems on the inflatable tent ranges and divided them into 3 different systems of tube support construction.

Advanced Air Tube System: One frame of interconnected tubes with isolation valves, inflated and deflated via a single valve, allow for One-go Inflation of the tent.

Power Air Tube System: Separate tubes with an extra tube added for greater stability

Rigid Air System: Separate air tubes.

All TPU tubes have been upgraded and are now up to 30% stronger. Improvements to fabrics have been made, making them stronger, with reinforcements made on tube housing to make them even more durable.

  • Aeroffective Ventilation System

110466_Birdland 3_Feature photo_19

One of the biggest challenges in tent design is to keep the internal temperature of the tent within a comfortable range through effective ventilation. The new Aeroffective Ventilation System improves air movement within the tent. It’s represents a streamlining of ventilation options, giving the tents a sleeker appearance. All polyester tents feature this system (except the Encounter Collection).

  • Fabric Improvements

110376_Alabama 7P_Feature photo_24

Fabrics have been beefed up on tent roofs as well as on canopies, extensions and awnings. A heavier duty 150 denier polyester fabric has been used to increase weather resistance, resistance to UV degridation as well as general strength and stability improvements.

  • New Tent Collections

There are a number of brand new tent collections for 2016 including inflatable tents, larger and smaller tents and new caravan awnings!

The Air Comfort Collection


The brand new for 2016 Air Comfort tent collection is another display of excellence, performance and exciting innovation from Outwell. The well known and loved Montana 6AC is featured in this collection, featuring its classic design, gothic pre-angled tubes for stability and plenty of headroom. Uses the Power Tube System.

The Air Crusing Collection


The Outwell Crusing Collection of driveaway awnings use the new Rigid Air System and are designed to fit on the side of camper vans, motorhomes and MPVs to provide extra space that can be use used to eating, sleeping, relaxing within. These free standing awnings can be left on pitch when the vehicle is driven away, making those day trips or errands a lot easier.

The Smart Air Awning Imperial Collection


The Outwell Smart Air Awning Imperial Collection is a stunning new inflatable series of caravan awnings using 300D Taslon polyester, which outperforms standard polyester used in other caravan awnings. This collection of top of the range inflatable caravan awnings fits in with Outwell’s relentless pursuit of excellent across camping and outdoor leisure.

  • New Tent Models

Outwell Flagstaff Tents

For 2016 Outwell have introduced a stylish array of spacious 3-room tunnel tents that are available in several variations. Outwell Flagstaff tents feature a large living room and large front canopy with side panels.

They have been created in 4, 5 and 6 berth formats with inflatable and steel-poled configurations available and can be purchased in Outtex polyester as well as the more breathable and durable Outtex Airtech polycotton. As always, carpets, footprints and extensions are available.


Other New Tent Models

There are several new tent models that have been introduced right across the range for 2016. These include inflatable and non-inflatable tents, as well as larger and smaller tents. We’ll outline the new additions below.

  • Cruiser 6AC – 6 person inflatable tent with master bedroom in the Air Comfort Collection
  • Concorde 10AC – Huge 5 room inflatable tunnel tent for 10 people! From the Air Comfort Collection
  • Roswell 5A & 6A – Inflatable tunnel tents for 5 and 6 people.
  • Drummond – Large 7 person family tent from the Deluxe Collection
  • Phoenix 4 & 6 – Large tents from the Privilege Collection. The 6 is in a 2 + 2 + 2 bedroom configuration
  • Denver 4 & 6 – Three-room tunnel tent with large front canopy as part of the design.
  • Montana 6SATC – Smart Air Technical Cotton version of the ever-popular Montana 6 tent.
  • Alamosa 6ATC – 6 Person Air Technical Cotton tent with large front canopy as part of the design
  • Darlington – One room tunnel-style driveaway awning.

As always Outwell keep on innovating and improving. 2016 looks to be a strong year for camping and tents, and with these exciting new additions and improvements from Outwell we’re sure that customers are going to be excited and delighted with their camping experience.

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