Product Review: MSR WindBurner Stove System

Matt is one of the full-time members of staff in Taunton. Having experience from Ten Tors, Duke Of Edinburgh and his own expeditions, Matt is able to offer advice on a wide range of equipment. Known to be a bit of a kit monster, Matt is usually the first to try anything new and shiny! 

As a stove for lightweight backpacking, it is excellent.

MSR suggest this stove system to be the best stove for lightweight backpacking both multiple and single day trips. MSR claim this is the case due to the Radiant Burner Technology and Heat Exchanger taken from the MSR Reactor in addition to the revised enclosed windproof design. I have been using this stove for a year, for solo wild camping and trips including Ten Tors.

During Ten Tors, we used the MSR alongside its main competition, the JetboiL Flash. The majority of the times we used the stoves were in windy conditions and on all occasions the MSR boiled a couple of minutes faster than the Jetboil. There have been times when the Jetboil has failed to boil water in very windy conditions. Whereas the WindBurner has reliably boiled water in all conditions, usually in under five minutes.

The WindBurner also has a nice handle which makes taking the stove apart and transferring water very easy. The lid for the pot is also very good, as on one side it has a hole to drink through. The lip also has a lip guard to reduce the likelihood of burning yourself. On the other side is a series of parallel holes to act as a strainer which works well for a hand full of pasta.

I only have two negative points about this stove, the biggest one for me is the lack of Piezo Ignitor. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Radiant Burner Technology, this isn’t possible.  The other issue is how tall the store is. MSR have sorted this to an extent by supplying a support which attaches to the underside of the gas bottles. This does sort most of the stability issues, but when the stove is very full it isn’t massively stable.

As a stove for lightweight backpacking, it is excellent. The positives easily outweigh the few negatives and because of this, I would highly recommend this stove system for anyone who is looking for a lightweight system they can rely on .

– Matt (Taunton)

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