Rab Sleeping Bags 2014 – What’s New?

Stitching patterns, bag sizing, fill distribution, construction techniques, fill weights, new synthetic sleeping bags, there are a lot of new ideas and features for 2014 that make rab sleeping bags better than ever.

We’re a proud stockist of Rab clothing and equipment. They have been making outdoor gear for over 30 years; our staff use Rab gear on trips to the hills and beyond – we’ve found the quality to be unquestionable.

From this season, we are a Premiere Retailer of Rab sleeping bags. What does that mean? It means that, because of our commitment to the brand, we are able to offer the complete range of Rab sleeping bags to our customers.

Improvements to Rab sleeping bags for 2014

As a company, Rab started out making sleeping bags and they continue to develop the technology and improve their collection year after year.

For 2014 they have overhauled all of their sleeping bags to make them warmer and lighter – quite an amazing achievement you may think and you’d be right!

The question is, though, how did they do it?

With the help of Leeds University, Rab have managed to refine warmth-to-weight ratios in their bags – they have worked to perfect the ratio of down volume to chamber size in order to maximise loft and minimise fabric use.

Put simply, they have developed a way to increase the thermal efficiency of their bags, making them warmer and lighter.

Combine this cutting edge research with real life empirical findings of their athletes based on testing in Patagonia, and you have a well rounded approach based on theory and experience that further improves already top-performing products.

What’s new?

All bags for Spring 2014 use new Hydrophobic Down technologies that offer a fill that absorbs less water, dries faster, retains loft in damp conditions, as well as being fluorocarbon free. All Rab down is now traceable under the European Down and Feather Association Code of Conduct.

From the outside all the bags look very similar (apart from colour changes), but there have actually been many changes:

  • Stitching Patterns
  • New Colours
  • Bag Sizing
  • Fill distribution
  • Construction techniques
  • Fill weights
  • Ignition Series Synthetic Sleeping Bags
  • All Rab down is traceable under European Down & Feather Association Code of Conduct.

Ignition Series

A brand new line of fully synthetic, incredibly warm lightweight sleeping bags using new proprietary PyroTec insulation.

The Ignition utilises the classic ‘mummy’ shaped design, tapering in from top to bottom, in order to reduce the amount of air inside. This makes it much easier to retain warmth inside the bag using the user’s body heat – as a general rule, the less air there is to warm, the more efficient the bag is.

The Ignitions build on the success of the Genesis range of bags, offering an improved warmth to weight ratio for technical outdoor users. These bags are ideal for use in damp or wet conditions and use nylon rip-stop outer fabrics and soft-feel polyester linings.

Neutrino Endurance

The Neutrino series of bags are a range of very lightweight down filled sleeping bags. Rab use 800 fill power European goose down with very lightweight Pertex Quantum inner and outer fabric. This allows maximum loft for the down for minimum weight.

This is an example of a sleeping bag designed for the coldest, harshest conditions such as mountaineering and alpine climbing.

“The bag uses a lightweight Pertex Quantum lining that allows the down fill to loft to its maximum. The Neutrino Endurance bags are ideal for use on alpine bivi ledges, for lightweight backpacking in inclement weather or for year round use in tents to offer protection and piece of mind from spillages and condensation.”

Setting the standard

Since 2012 sleeping bags have been governed by a European standard (EN13537) that was designed to standardise temperature ratings on sleeping bags made and sold in Europe. A 2005 criterion altered the way bags are labelled and mandated that ratings are set according to a standard lab test.

EN13537 requires a thermal manikin test which produces four temperature results — upper limit, comfort, lower limit and extreme. These temperatures were worked for normal consumers. In 2012 a revised version of 13537 was introduced – most of the new and updated bags have been tested to this new standard and you may see small chances in the temperature ratings compared to old bags.

The EN test does not, however, produce accurate results for bags with fill weights over 800g. Bags designed for the lowest temperatures have been rated using the pre-revised version of the 13537 standard as well as using BS TOG results and the Rab Sleep Limit, informed by real life experience of Rab athletes and users. The new sleeping bags were tested in Patagonia.

Want to know more?

Check out our sleeping bag guide page that can be found on our website. You’ll find information on the differences between synthetic and down sleeping bags, as well the benefits on each. There’s also detailed information about the varying baffle constructions. Great reading if you want to delve a little deeper into the world of the sleeping bag. Sleep well!

Take a look at our superb range of sleeping bags!

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