Stuart and Charlie Enjoy the fine weather at Honeybag

So 7.30am Tuesday I text Charlie
“Camping out tonight on the moor? Bouldering?”

“Yes x”

“I’ll drive, bring your stuff to work, get Nick’s boulder pad”

“Ok x”

So like a well oiled machine we were on Saddle Tor doing ‘Mezzotinter E1 5b’ by 6.30pm after work. It was amazing weather and after a few goes at the ‘Hidden Traverse V4’ (and watching some good climbers make it look easy) we drove on to Bone Hill rocks, parked up and walked to Honeybag Tor. We climbed some more routes before setting up camp. We did some Qi Gong as the sun set, Charlie is at one with his Qi energy, I’m not but pretty sure I looked very cool. Perfect.

Nice walk back to the tents for some dried meals, hot chocolate. Water was boiled in double quick time using my ‘Primus ETA Express’. Charlie was lost for words at how quick and efficient it is

“I’m literally lost for words.”

(They really are very good stove, compact and efficient and very well made)

Then sleep. I woke up bright and early to a lovely morning after a good nights sleep.


“what is it Stuart?”

“There is a slug shadow on my tent can you come and get it off please!”

Charlie rushed out of the tent cutting his foot on a peg and rescued me from my rather embarrassing phobia of slugs and snails.

After packing up camp and walking back to the car in, more glorious weather we were back in work for 9am. A great mini escape into some fresh air

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