Taunton Leisure Tent Show: Now Open

There are over 30 tents on show in our main display field

Saturday saw the opening of our tent show at Sanders Garden World, near Brent Knoll, Somerset, for its 10th season! 

The show has a display of over 30 family sized tents, as well as lots of smaller specialist tents, tipis and shelters. We have tents available from great brands such as Outwell, Vango, Kampa, Tentipi, Nomad, Hilleberg, Easton, Terra Nova, Mountain Equipment and The North Face to name but a few. 
As well as a fantastic range of all kinds of tents, big and small, there are also friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your questions and offer advice, as well as a store full of accessories to choose from.
They can help you understand the differences between ripstop nylon and oxford nylon, polyester and polycotton, steel and fibreglass poles; we can explain exactly what hydrostatic head is, as well as help you understand why a fabric’s denier and thread count is important. 
The Outwell Louisiana 5P is one of the many tents we have on display 

Not only can we answer your technical questions, but we’ll assist you on the practical conundrums you may also face, including  the well known classics: 
‘Can I fit the tent and all my gear into the boot of the car?’ 


‘How many airbeds can fit into this bedroom’

We can also explain the best way to pitch any of the tents we sell.  

We’re critical in our selection for one very good reason, our tent shows and display at Sanders Gardenworld are all outside. Our years of experience has taught us that seeing a tent in a showroom is one thing but seeing it perform in the wind, rain and the heat of the sun is quite another.

Our shop features a large range of accessories.
There’s also a grass area where we display smaller tents & Tentipis

You can find us on the grounds of Sanders Garden World, exit M5 junction 22.

Taunton Leisure Sanders Tent Show,

Bristol Road,
Brent Knoll,

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This is a great opportunity to view our full tent range in all of its glory and we pride ourselves on the tents that we have selected to be part of our range. 
We’ll be open until early September, so pay us a visit and take in one of the most diverse tent ranges in the country. 

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