Taunton Shop Brunton & Fjallraven Demo Day – Friday December 19


On Friday 19th December, our Taunton Store will be hosting Andrew from outdoor equipment distributor, Rosker, for a “Meet the Expert” style event. We’ll have demonstrations from Andrew on Fjallraven and Brunton products as well as special offers on the day:

Half Price Fjallraven Hat with the purchase of any Fjallraven Jacket
Half Price Fjallraven Belt with the purchase of any Fjallraven trousers
Growers Cup Coffee: Buy One Get One Free. Coffee Machine in store.

P1000631This is a great opportunity to get hands-on with some of the newer brands in our product lineup.

40 East Reach,



01823 332987


Monday – Saturday: 09:00 – 17:30

Sunday: 10:30 – 16:30


Fjallraven take an environmentally conscious approach – that they call ‘The Fjallraven Way’ – to the design and manufacture of outdoor gear, informed through years of having the beautiful Swedish landscape on their doorstep.

G-1000 Waxing Station

We will have a G-1000 Waxing station on hand to demonstrate how to best wax your Fjallraven products that feature the G1000 fabric, as well as demonstrate the fabric’s many benefits and the great features that make them highly versatile and suitable for a wide array of conditions.


brunton_logo (1)Brunton offer a range of excellent portable and sustainable power solutions for those on the move. Constantly developing new products for mobile power, Brunton have harnessed the power of hydrogen cell technology to create an ingenious device that can charge all your useful gadgets; mobile phones, GPS, music players, tablets without the need of a conventional electrical power source for recharging.


The Hydrogen reactor hydrogen fuel cell technology to generate pfjall-waxower to charge your mobile devices you can’t go without, perfect for extended camping trips and emergency situations.

The removable and rechargeable hydrogen cores combine with oxygen to create 5 volts at either 1 or 2 amps, and you can toggle between the two. The 1-amp setting is made for charging most small devices, including phones, cameras and GPS units, while the 2-amp setting is enough to charge an iPad. Each hydrogen cell has enough power to charge your phone/iPod 5 to 6 times and a iPad 1.5 times. The output is a standard USB port.

The only by product of this system is a puff of water vapour and a little bit of heat, so it is completely environmentally friendly. Unlike solar chargers, you don’t have to rely on the sun to charge your devices.

Hydrogen cores can be purchased in our stores who also offer a recharging service, which works out cheaper than buying cores.

Brunton also offer a range of more conventional recharging devices for use on the go.

Grower’s Cup Coffee.


The perfect solution for those that want coffee on the move. Grower’s cup delivers a selection of the world’s finest fair trade and organic coffees and brings them to you for use anywhere, anytime. Just add boiled water to the pouch, leave to brew, then pour. The perfect accompanyment for a good walk, out on the hills or perhaps on a fishing trip!

We hope to see you there!

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