Tentipi Zirkon 9 Customer Review: A very big thumbs up!

On Tuesday we received a lovely email from Odette, a customer who visited our Exeter store and purchased a Tentipi Zirkon 9 Tipi Tent.

She’s sent us her review of the tipi with a great insight into what it is like as a young family to make the investment into Tentipi tent ownership and the commitment to enjoy camping and the outdoors!

“Having taken much time deliberating over whether I could a) justify the expense of going for a Tentipi Tent and b) make it comfortable for a young family, I just had to email to say I am beyond delighted that I invested in this Tentipi Zirkon 9.

Our zirkon 9 person tentipi b.

It is stunning, both because of the quality of it but also the magic of it. One of my young twins woke in the morning with the biggest grin on his face and we are all really excited to know that we will be taking this on our road trip around France in the summer. The feel of it, the look of it, the ease of erection and the design of it are utterly remarkable.

I will never again go back to a “normal” tent and can only thank Brad at Exeter for spending as much time as he did whilst I made the decision to invest in this. I would say to your other customers, don’t hesitate, this is a real investment, an investment not just in the quality of it but the lifelong memories you will be creating, particularly for your children.

our zirkon outing rustic dining

Combine this with a tarp for your outdoor cooking area and it is everything and more that you could ever wish for. Oh and for the first time ever we are already looking to take this out in the winter, perhaps to northern Scotland, keeping ourselves warm with a stove and open fire in it! How amazing is that!

Very many thanks to your dedicated team.


It was a welcome treat to discover this email, at this busy time of year it can get quite hectic in the stores, warehouse and offices with lots of customers to advise and orders to fulfill.

This was a little reminder to us that at the end of all the all hard work; all the design work, manufacturing, exporting, selling, delivering and customer service, there is the priceless experience at the end of it all where a family gets to create and share memories together that will last a lifetime.

Thank you, Odette, for reminding us of that 🙂

our zirkon outing rustic dining c.

our zirkon outing rustic dining b.

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