The North Face Triclimate Jacket: A Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a winter jacket? Our latest buyer’s guide outlines features of the versatile The North Face Triclimate range.

With 3-in-1 compatibility, plenty of pockets and hard wearing HyVent fabric, these jackets are not only technical but stylish too…
The North Face Mountain Light Triclimate Jacket

The North Face Mountain Light Triclimate Jacket

As the weather gets cooler and sunshine is replaced with rain clouds, gusty winds and typically ‘British’ weather, most of us think less about tents, camping and barbecues, and more about picking up kit that’s going to keep us warm and protect us from the elements.

One such bit of kit is the well known ‘3-in-1’ or Triclimate jacket. Practical, adaptable, feature rich and stylish, Triclimates are one of our top selling jackets and an essential item for anyone who spends time outside.

Just as effective on the hills as it is on a walk into town, all Triclimate jackets are designed to keep you warm and dry while offering many practical benefits. We’re going to take a look at some of these right now…

The North Face Triclimate Features:

3 in 1 Versatility:

The ‘3 in 1’ functionality of Triclimate Jackets is probably what they are best known for. All jackets come with a waterproof outer shell and a detachable zip-in branded ‘The North Face’ fleece.

The ‘3-in-1’ bit means you can wear the fleece on its own, the outer jacket on its own, or combine the two wearing the fleece and outer shell together for full functionality and warmth. This enables you to regulate your temperature effectively. Hence the name ‘Triclimate’. Highly versatile.

The Zip connection for the insulation layer

The Zip connection for the insulation layer

The Triclimate range can also be combined not only with a fleece but with other ranges from The North Face. For example, there are certain Nuptse down garments that can be zipped into compatible TNF waterproof shells. This ‘mix and match’ compatibility further extends the versatility of the Triclimate range, keeping you comfortable whatever the conditions outside.


When attaching to the outer shell, the zip on the fleece matches up with zip teeth on the inside of the outer jacket (shown in the image). The zips and loops on the wrist and neck allow the user to attach the fleece to the outer shell and turn two garments into one.

Attaching and separating is a pretty simple process, which is great if you’re out and about and it gets a little too hot or cold. A good way to do this is simply to detach/attach while wearing the fleece. So, if you’re too hot, unzip and detach the loops with the fleece on (you may need to take the jacket off for the neck loop).

If you’re too cold, put the shell on over the fleece, zip it in and click the toggle loops together on each wrist. Again, the neck one is difficult to reach when you’re wearing it, so you may want to do that one first.

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Pockets, pockets, and more pockets:

Napoleon Chest Pocket

Napoleon Chest Pocket

All pockets are spacious and easy to access, allowing you to cram plenty of your stuff in if you need to. Generally, you get two hand pockets, a ‘Napoleon’ chest pocket on some models (as pictured above) and two others on the inside lining of the fleece.

Do you need to store your phone, keys, wallet, maps, food, drink, hat, gloves, maps and tablet devices all in one place? Fortunately the Triclimates have more than enough pockets to put your bits and bobs in.

There’s also an extra internal storage pocket to be used when you detach the fleece. Pockets aplenty should provide you with plenty of room in which to put your possessions.



Hoods on some TNF Triclimates are removable

Hoods on our range of Triclimate vary somewhat. Fully adjustable Triclimate hoods are attached with a small zip and two popper buttons on each side. On some models they can be detached completely by undoing the zip and unbuttoning on either side.

All hoods have elasticated adjustment cords, one on each side and on the back side of the hood in order to allow you to adjust how it fits around your head.


For the outer fabric, The North Face’s HyVent fabric provides full waterproof protection and breathability, guarding against the worst of the elements.

HyVent is a waterproof and breathable fabric designed as a more affordable alternative to Gore-Tex. TNF use the term ‘HyVent’ to denote any proprietary waterproof/breathable material that is used in their products. You’ll find various forms of the HyVent fabric in the Triclimate range. The differences between them are subtle and won’t be noticeable to most wearers.

The technology utilises “…a polyurethane (PU) coating that consists of a tri-component multi-layer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability, and durability.”

All HyVent materials and variations are fully lab and field tested to ensure they conform to the highest standards of water resistance (Mullens test), breathability (MVTR rate) and durability. All fabrics feel thick and durable to the touch, but they do vary in thickness.



The fleece that comes with a women’s Triclimate Jacket

As we mentioned earlier, all Triclimate jackets come with a fleece that can be worn alone to stay warm, or combined with the outer shell to stay both warm and dry.

Each fleece in the range is slightly different, but all are comfortable and warm. Like on the face fabrics, the differences lie in the weight and bulk of the fleece fabric. The thickest fleece belongs can weighs in at around 200g, where are others are noticeably lighter to the touch.

Other than fabric weight, there are few obvious differences between the fleeces. As is generally the case, you’ll find that some fleeces have certain features on while others do not. For example, elasticated waist edging, logo stitching on the inside around the neck (or other places).

All fleeces are nice and comfy and practical, as well as being warm. There are several pockets which are great for storage (or hand warming!) situated on the outside and inside of the jacket.

If in the future you are looking to pick up a spare or extra fleece you need to ensure you purchase a Triclimate compatible fleece. The best way to identify a Triclimate compatible fleece is by locating the loops on each wrist and the back of the neck, which enable it to clip into to the shell of a Triclimate model. Most importantly, make sure to match up the zip of any fleece you’re looking into buying with your Triclimate shell to ensure they are compatible and zip in together.

Other Features:

As well as the main ones that we’ve identified, there are several other handy features:

Storm Flaps


Storm flaps with velcro closure are designed to prevent wind-driven rain from coming into the garment through button-holes or zipper teeth. Storm flaps protect the zip from rain ingress

Brushed Collar Liningbrushed-collar

Brushed collar lining acts to provide next to skin comfort and a bit of extra warmth when hiding behind your collar to avoid the cold.

Adjustable Cuffsadjustable-cuffs

Adjustable cuffs do exactly what they say. They allow for you to prevent wind and rain from blowing into the jacket by closing the cuffs tight around your wrist, through a velcro attachment.

Elastic Hem Drawcord

Elastic hem drawcord provides a similar function to that of the adjustable cuffs and can be tightened shut to prevent wind and rain getting to the inside of the jacket from underneath.

Double Zips

Double zips allow you to zip and unzip the jacket from the top and bottom, allowing for extra freedom of movement and ventilation if required.

Pit Zips

Pit zips enable you to ventilate the jacket and regulate the temperature.

For the kids…

As well as Triclimates being available for men and women, we also stock a kids range. The range offers the same performance and comfort as their adult counterparts, but exclusively in children’s sizes:

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The numerous features on offer, combined with stylish TNF design and build quality make for an overall package that is attractive, not only in terms of comfort, but performance too, for both men, women and children.

No matter which Triclimate jacket you choose, there’s no doubt you’ll be getting the best in all round practicality, technical features and style.

Hopefully this has helped you get an understanding of what makes Triclimate such a popular option for many who are looking to stay warm, dry and comfortable in the colder months of the year. Don’t forget as well as browsing our range of The North Face online you can see them in the flesh and get a full idea for how they fit in any of our stores.

We hope to see you there!

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