The Quay Climbing Centre Opening Soon

It’s nearly here!

The Quay Climbing Centre is about one week away from opening .

Here at Taunton Leisure we are all super excited to be joining in partnership with the Quay.

If you haven’t already looked at their site here’s a couple of links to their main site and facebook page.

It’s been along time coming but at last Exeter will have a proper climbing wall. Over the last few years several walls have opened around the local area but none in what you could say was a great location but that’s all changed now the Quay is here.

It’s less than 10 minutes off the A30 to get to the wall so access is good and there is ample parking on site and also in Exeter itself if you park and shop before climbing . In fact its less than 10mins to walk from the Taunton Leisure Exeter shop to the wall.

So who is the wall going to appeal to?

What will it provide for potential customers ?

What will Taunton Leisure bring to the Partnership?

Well to answer these questions I’ll start with the first one and it’s a simple answer.

EVERYONE that has any interest in climbing whether you are an experienced climber,boulderer or first timer that has never even put on a harness and rock boots before.Climbing has a broad appeal to anyone that is interested in CHALLENGING themselves.

There is the physical challenge of climbing to the top of the route or succeeding on that boulder problem you have been trying .

There is also the mental challenge of dealing with fear of heights, falling, trusting your climbing equipment etc that is all a rewarding learning process and something that I have noticed is often a bigger deal to novice /beginner climbers than actually succeeding on any given climb itself.

This is where the Staff at the wall will come into their own with advice on the best techniques to make a hard move or ways to overcome fear, and general tips on the best way to get a lot out of your climbing session.

Apart from all the fun outlined above the climbing centre is going to provide.

200 routes including top roped and lead climbs ranging from 3+ (easy) to around 8A(hard)

2 Bouldering caves . One aimed at beginners so you can practice the different climbing techniques and one catering for the more experienced climber with problems starting at the v5 mark and a dedicated 40degree training board.

CLIP AND CLIMB. A new concept of climbing fun (click link below to see video of an example of clip and climb in action)

A really nice bright cafe selling coffee , cakes, sandwiches and bacon sarnies with a good view of both the climbing wall and clip and climb area.

  • Lovely shower and toilet facilities with lockers.
  • Indoor bike storage.
  • Teaching room for school groups, clubs etc.
  • Therapy/sports injuries treatment room with qualified staff on site.
  • Party room and specialist party arrangements for groups whether you use the clip and climb or climbing wall. 
  • Fully qualified friendly and approachable staff.

I’m sure I will have forgotten a few things but you get the idea that it is going to be a great facility and a real plus for Exeter and the climbing fraternity as a whole.

So what will Taunton Leisure bring to the table ?
Well as sponsors of the Quay Climbing Centre we are going to get as involved as possible with all the competitions and events going on at the wall .

We are going to do several excellent introductory offers exclusive to members of the Quay climbing centre on a range of climbing equipment so come into the store and snap the stuff up before the offers end. (Introductory offers will run till the end of October)

On a monthly basis we will be doing a new range of special offers on kit for Quay members and in general we will be offering a good membership discount. (subject to restrictions)

You should be able to spot us on a regular basis down at the wall so feel free to stop and have a chat about what we do in store.

Exeter store has a couple of keen climbers that will be more than happy to talk about all aspects of climbing from in depth local crag knowledge to the purchase of your next shiny piece of climbing equipment.

As a whole the company will endeavour to provide an excellent service and wide range of product knowledge across all three stores (Bristol,Taunton and Exeter)

All in all the future looks bright if you have any interest at all in climbing , bouldering or just messing about on some cool and crazy obstacles.

See you down there or in Exeter store.


Nick Baron
Keen climber and Exeter store Assistant Manager.

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