The Top 10 Family Festival Camping Essentials

Festival season is upon us! From the giants like Glastonbury, Reading and Latitude festivals to the many more smaller, niche and local events – millions will be attending a festival of some form this summer and, of course, there is one thing that goes hand in hand with festivals – camping. Take a look at our list of family festival camping essentials.

To some, there is little consideration of what gear to take – perhaps more concerned with travelling light and living on a liquid diet!

However, families are increasingly attending music festivals as a great option for a break. They are becoming more family friendly – Camp Bestival being a great example – and the kids love camping, the open space and all the different activities at a festival will drive them doolally! (in a good way).

We’re assuming you already have the tent sorted!

Top 10 family festival camping essentials:

1. Osprey Poco Baby Carrier

Camping Baby Carrier - Osprey Poco family festival camping essentials

Have a little one who requires a bit of help getting around? The Osprey Poco Baby Carrier is the ideal tool to transport your loved one around the green fields of a festival in comfort and safety.

The Poco supports a hydration bladder and has a lightweight and sturdy aluminium frame for an easy carry. The mesh material encourages ventilation, keeping you and baby cool, while the seat is adjustable up and down for optimal fit and balance.

It’s also folds away easily for storage and travel and can be combined with a separate sunshade to protect against excessive sun exposure.

Last, but not least, there’s a removable drool pad (for the baby, of course) – very handy!

2. Petzl Tikkina 2 Head Torch

tikkina-2-blog family festival camping essentials

Yes, we can all hold a torch with our hands, but the head torch keeps both free so you can do what you need to do, be it build a fire, pitch the tent in the dark if you arrive late, or, one of the top family festival camping essentials, play guitar during the festival campfire singalong!

The Tikkina 2 is a great value head torch, perfect everyday light for camping, travel and outdoors. With two lighting modes (maximum and economy) to adapt light quantity to the situation. The head torch will last up to 190 hours in economy mode – more than enough for a weekend of music!

3. Easy Camp Hexa Mat

hexa-blog family festival camping essentials


Cheap, easy to use, packs away small, with a built in pumping mechanism – what more could you need? Great value for a comfy night’s sleep, or as an extra bit of cushioning when you’re trying to decide who to watch next.

4. Muck Boots Muckmaster Neoprene Wellies

muck-boot-blog family festival camping essentials

Wellies. Festivals would be strange without the appearance of these at some point, usually because of heavy rain and the endless pools of mud that comes with it.

Question: What happened to the good old wellie?

They’ve become a fashion accessory in recent times with all sorts of frilly, pretty patterns – what happened to a good old fashioned wellie that did a no frills job and kept your feet dry?

These Muck Boots – the technical term I’m assured, not ‘wellies’ – are an ideal solution, they’re not rubber wellies lined with neoprene, but rather a complete, 1-piece ‘bootie’ made from top grade neoprene. This is then given a natural rubber overlay & sole for durability, protection and grip.

Excess humidity and perspiration are quickly wicked away, creating a comfortable environment for your feet lasting for extended periods of use. Your feet will stay warm, dry and won’t get sweaty like they can when you buy those cheapy wellies for vastly inflated prices inside the festival because you’ve forgotten yours.

5. Lifeventure Ticket Wallet.

ticket-wallet-blog family festival camping essentials

Repeat this to yourself. Don’t forget the tickets. DON’T FORGET THE TICKETS!! This Ticket Wallet holds a lot more than the picture may suggest – there are plenty of pockets and compartments for everything you’ll need. By thredding your belt through the two webbing loops  you can keep your tickets and valuables safe and close to your person.


6. Littlelife Arc 2 Travel Cot

arc-2-cot-blog family festival camping essentials

The Littlelife Arc 2 Travel Cot is perfect where weight and space are both tight. The asymmetric frame gives it great stability. It uses just two light weight poles and is easy to pitch. The ideal solution to keeping baby safe when camping at your festival of choice or on other trips away from home.

7. Kampa Khazi camping toilet

khazi-blog-family festival camping essentials

It doesn’t come with the loo roll, but the Kampa Khazi has been very popular this season. If you have a little one who isn’t quite as capable at, erm, holding it in, then this is a cheap and useful addition to your setup. Especially for when nature calls in the middle of the night.

Although festivals are becoming more adept at providing decent facilities, the Khazi (great name) is a good solution if you are plain scared of visiting those, ahem, ‘conveniences’ that aren’t maintained so well.

Many are scared, and for good reason.

The smaller, family festivals generally do a better job at keeping the loos clean, but still, if you get ‘caught short’ in the middle of the night and don’t fancy tripping over guylines then the Khazi is certainly an option.

8. Outwell Mosquito Hitting Swatter

mosquito-swatter-family festival camping essentials

Mosquitos are pests – we all know it – and they deserve the full Outwell Mosquito Hitting Swatter treatment! I don’t think Sir David Attenborough would agree, but if you’re particularly susceptible to the little blighters (as I am) this an effective way to get rid of them and make a game out of it at the same time!

Failing that, you could go for the tried and tested method.

9. Lowe Alpine Edge 22XL Rucksack

Lowe Apline Edge 22 festival bag

To be honest we could’ve chosen one of several day packs, but the edge is inexpensive, spacious and has enough features for casual and more technical use.

The number of people I’ve seen at festivals carrying around tw0, three, four different bags and getting in a total mess is too many to count. Do yourself a favour, get a decent day pack, easy to carry and with plenty of space, you can fit all of your essentials inside for easy access. Sun cream, valuables, food, child care items, extra layers.

Maybe I’m thinking function over fashion a bit here, but when you’re knee deep in mud ‘slumming it’ at a festival It just makes sense! Fashion isn’t the top of my considerations!

10. Vango Balmoral Stool

festival camping stool


Lightweight and highly packable, these are a godsend when you’ve spend all day on your feet and just want to a place to sit down.

If the weather is good then, sure, there’s plenty of grass to sit on. If the rain pores, then the mud flows and seating options are limited. Also ideal for setting up and parking your bum on to watch whatever takes your fancy and save those legs for dancing to the headliners later on!

The Best Family Festivals:

In the South West, we’re fortunate enough to have many great family festivals located nearby, offering great music, a friendly atmosphere and a cheaper ticket price! Take a look at The Guardian’s list.

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