Top 10 festival items

Check out our top 10 festival items for those useful bits of kit you should take to enhance your festival experience that little bit more!

It’s not long until V-Festival kicks off in Essex and Staffordshire – So you’ve got your ticket and you’ve got your tent, but what other things will you need?

I’ve been to my fair share of festivals – several Glastos, Readings and others. I’ve seen the glorious sunshine and, more often, the torrential rain and flooding. I’ve seen good bands, great bands and plain awful bands!

With that in mind, here are our top 10 festival items.

10) Camping mallet – If it comes to pitching the tent and the ground is rock hard you’ll struggle to get the pegs in without a good mallet. Plus, if an undesirable comes to help themselves to your stuff you can bash him (or her!) – not that we’d condone violence or anything…

9) Multi Tool – aka a swiss army knife. We have a vast selection of multi tools, all with highly useful fittings on for every eventuality you’ll come across – a tin opener, scissors, bottle opener and knife all feature. Very handy indeed.

8) Wellies – These 1-piece neoprene wellies may be slightly pricey, but they’ll be a damn sight more comfortable than those cheap sets you see for sale inside the festival gates with a 200% markup on them.

7) Whiz Freedom – This is one for the ladies. You drink lots of fluids; a few beers, and what happens? You need to pee. It’s simple cause and effect! This handy little invention allows the ladies to um, urinate, while standing up.

If you’re well into the festival vibe and you’ve lost all your inhibitions, you can combine with the relief bag and eliminate a trip to the loos, so you can stay in the crowd and keep your spot for Olly Murs.

Actually, going to the loo might be a good excuse to get away…

6) Portable speakers – For those times when you’re around the campsite out in the morning, or when you get back to the tents after the music has finished. For the late night chill out when you want to shut up that irritating show off on the guitar, or if you simply MUST catch the shipping forecast – speakers are a multi purpose form of entertainment. Also ideal for the journey there and back.

5) Coughlans Lightsticks – These have a sensible use and description: “Coghlans Lightsticks are safe and reliable light anytime in all conditions.

They are have dozens of uses like camping, backpacking, patio lights, nightlights in tents and RV’s, fishing, hunting or hiking. Use as flares or emergency light for repairs. Ideal for scuba diving.”

All I can think is


4) Portable Seating, like a little tripod stool are lightweight, packable and easy to carry. They’re invaluable when you’ve been trudging around a hot field all day and just want a rest! They actually come into their own when the field becomes a mud pool after rain and the only way you can sit down is if you don’t mind your backside resting in 3 inches of sludge!

Maybe I’m showing age here – I don’t quite have the boundless energy of a teenager experiencing their first weekend of proper freedom – but there’s not much like sitting back, enjoying a cold drink and taking in the sights and sounds of the main stage on a saturday afternoon.

Want to see the top three? Head over to our Google+ page for the full list!

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