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A tent is many things to many people – versatile and spacious to those who want family comfort; light, durable and technical to those whose adventures are a bit more off the beaten track.
Vango’s excellent reputation is based on its innovation of its Force Ten range. Features and technology have worked their way down from the top technical ranges to the expedition range and beyond. Every Vango tent has that Force Ten DNA.
Here’s a few of the tents on display at our Sanders tent show
Choosing the right kit for your adventure can be a challenge, which is why Vango expedition tents and camping equipment are officially certified by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, meaning that the kit meets DofE’s high standards of quality, safety and durability, at an affordable price. These tents are ideal for youth groups, DofE expeditions, or someone looking for proven quality at an affordable price.
Vango Expedition tent Specification:
Tents in the expedition range feature a 68 denier polyester flysheet, waterproof to 5000HH, the groundsheet is a 6000HH polyester material and the tents use polyester inners, with appropriate mesh vent panels.
The poles are a PowerLite T6 alloy and are colour coded where appropriate for ease of pitching. Alloy poles offer a performance advantage over fibreglass, which are heavier and tend to splinter after repeated flexing. Alloy poles are both light and durable, ensuring that packed size and weight is kept to a minimum.
In terms of features, there are external flysheet ventilation panels, plastic loop zip pulls which make opening and closing the tent door easy, even with gloves on. New ‘Line Lok’ guy lines are easy to adjust and bite into the guyline material, providing secure stability support. All tents come with compression stuffsac, taped seams and utilise fully fire retardant fabrics, ensuring the ultimate safety and protection against the naked flame.
Vango Omega 250, 350 & 450
The Omega is a straight up tunnel design with plenty of sleeping space and storage room – popular for a wide range of outdoor users.
This tent works both as a backpacking or cycle touring tent – we’ve also had many motorcyclists purchase the Omega from our Sanders tent show as they fit nicely into a pannier.

As with all tents in this range, there are adjustable tension straps at the base of the tent where the pole connects, supported by plastic clips from the flysheet to the pole that enhance stability in the structure. The inner is suitably roomy with an O-shaped door with mesh ventilation panel and storage pockets inside.

For 2012 the detachable groundsheet has been changed. The new ‘riser’ bathtub groundsheet attaches to the inner via clips rather than just pegging straight into the ground.

The Omega is ideal for D of E or group expedition use as they can be split up and the weight divided between several people.

Vango Spectre 200 & 300

Note: this image is of the 2011 Vango Spectre
Ideal for backpacking and wild camping, the Spectre is another tunnel design that is both incredibly roomy and easy to pitch. A three pole design, the two smaller poles add extra height and space to the inner.
On a good weather day you can pitch this tent using just two pegs! For poorer conditions, there are plenty of pegging points on the base and guylines for stability, using the new line lok guy runners. It also features the Tension Band System (TBS) which adds extra performance and stability in the worst conditions.
Vango Halo 300 & 400

The Halo 300 provides a sturdy and stable self standing design with a unique pole structure. The crossover pole layout is inherently stable, providing optimum sturdiness from all directions.

It’s equipped with plenty of porch space (with groundsheet) to store gear with another space on the opposite side which could be used for cooking.
For ease of pitching, all the included poles are identical, meaning that you can’t possibly get them mixed up!
Vango Banshee 200 & 300


The Vango Banshee takes on a design very similar last year’s Helium Superlite. A best seller, the Banshee’s two pole design is rich in features. Incredibly compact in packing size, providing an easy to assemble, very stable tent.
Its stability comes not only from the flysheet, groundsheet, pole materials and guylines, but also from its aerodynamic design. The tent sits quite low to the ground and the design shape allows air to flow over its shape easily.
The tent is notably snug inside compared to others of a similar size class, so the 200 is ideal for one person and their gear, though if required two people can fit inside if well acquainted!
The three person Banshee 300 has more living space than the 200 as well as the addition of a zipped storage area and double entry.

Vango Mirage 200 & 300

The Vango Mirage is a new tent for 2012. One to watch for the upcoming season, the Mirage is easy to pitch and versatile.

It’s a three pole, semi geodesic design which is free standing, ideal when on terrain that you may not be able to peg the tent into, it’s highly secure and stable when pitched. The ‘gothic arch’ pole structure adds to stability and helps the tent resist side on forces.

There’s plenty of living space on the inside and the porch area is not only spacious but customisable. The double zip door allows either the left or right side of the front door to be zipped away, meaning that you can cook in the porch area whilst sheltering from the wind/rain, depending on which direction it comes from.
If you’re lucky enough to have some nice weather, the front door can be completely unzipped, rolled up and stuffed away into the panel above, where there is a pocket on the inside. If the weather is poor, the double zip can be partially unzipped behind the panel to allow for some ventilation inside the tent.

Other Options:

For the next level of performance and quality within the Expedition Range then there are other options to consider.
The Apex 200 and Spirit 200+ & 300+ feature rip stop nylon flysheet material, siliconised, making it tougher and even more durable than polyester. The Hurricane 200 uses a high denier siliconised ripstop polyester and with its geodesic design is probably the sturdiest tent in the range.
Fabrics on these tents are coated with a silicone elastomer that acts as a barrier to UV degradation and water absorpsion. Because the fabric is only siliconised on one side, it enables the seams to be taped, offering maximum prevention of water ingress.
Pole sleeves are full length and flat to the tent, keeping poles in close contact increasing rigidity and reducing the wind resistance of the tent. The Apex and Spirit feature TBS Pro Tension Band System and all three tents have a nylon groundsheet, as opposed to the polyester used in the rest of our range.
Vango Spirit 200+ & 300+
I’ve reserved a few extra words for the Spirit as it’s such a favourite of mine. We’ve sold the Spirit for years at our tent show and every year it’s pitched up and taken down each day for the whole six month duration of the show.
At the end of each season we’ve always found the tent to be in remarkably good condition, despite taking a battering from the elements every day for the entire season. This is down to the siliconised flysheet, which barricades against wind, rain and UV rays. The full length flat pole sleeves offer highly effectively structural rigidity and even without the guylines pegged in, the tent can take significant lateral loads from the wind without incident – a testament to it’s fantastic design.
Inside, the space on offer in both the 200 and 300 is ample. The large porch area is ideal for storing your gear while the inner has storage pockets and mesh ventilation points. Pegging points and fastenings are small and discreet to keep the total weight of the tent down and enable the pack size to remain as small as possible.
The Spirit tent is a firm favourite with the staff at our tent show. The great thing about it is that it can deliver performance way beyond expectation, as at home on a campsite as it is up the side of a cliff, this tent is capable of performing on par with top level tents that are at times double the price.

Vango Apex 200

Ideal for cycle touring or adventurers who want a lightweight, easy access shelter, the Apex offers great lightweight perfomance pack size due to it innovative pole arrangement and 30 denier nylon flysheet material.
Although technically a two person tent, the inner is pretty snug so if two are going to use it, make sure you’re comfortable with being in close proximity!
The compact design affords generous porch space for the storage of your gear and door can be opened within reach of the inner, which has increased headroom for 2012, meaning you can enjoy the morning view without leaving your sleeping bag. The double zip enables you to leave the door partially opened at the top for extra venting to combat any condensation.
While small and light, this tent stands up well to the challenges of the elements, mini Line Lok guylines and TBS pro offer vital stability assistance when required, whilst keeping weight and pack size down, which incidentally is minuscule, rivalling much more technical and expensive competitors.

Vango Hurricane 200

The Vango Hurricane 200 Tent is a classic geodesic design with flat pole sleeves, pre-bent colour coded PowerLite 7001 T6 aluminium poles and siliconised ripstop polyester making it a strong mountain tent.
Colour coded poles make it straight forward to pitch and an entrance at each end with two porches makes access easy and offers ample storage, keeping the inner tent clear. Flysheet vents with mesh allow for ventilation and the O-shaped inner door has a mesh panel to help prevent condensation.
Probably the sturdiest tent in our range, the Hurricane can handle the worst of the UK weather in the hills and in exposed pitches, it’s designed to sit out the worst storms, snow and strong winds with ease.
Hopefully this overview will have helped you if you’re looking into buying a tent for your adventures. As you can see, Vango offer a wide range of affordable tents to suit many different requirements. We see these tents perform every day at our tent show and every tent across the range has the fundamental characterists of strength, durability, ease of use and efficient performance.

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