Vango Airbeam 2013: A Buyer’s Guide


Thanks to the Vango Airbeam collection, the popularity of inflatable tents has increased hugely. Vango have been at the forefront of the development of of this technology and after years in development it is no surprise that their Airbeam range has put them top of the pile.

If you want to enjoy all the good that camping has to offer without the hassle of working out how to pitch your tent then look no further!


There are some interesting new innovations to talk about; updates and improvements to last year’s range as well as a major new fabric that will increase tent lifespan significantly…

This is our second year selling Vango Airbeam (they introduced the technology three years ago). Last year, we found that our customers were really impressed with the ease of use and performance of this new range. We hope that you will also be impressed by what Vango have done for the 2013 camping season.

Key Feature: New ProTex 6000mm 150D polyester flysheet

New ProTex Polyester 150D Flysheet

New ProTex Polyester 150D Flysheet

For 2013, Vango have created a new flysheet fabric for use on the premium Exodus, Evoque and Eclipse models. At 150D, it is the thickest polyester tent fabric they have developed, which means that it will be stronger, more hard wearing, and last for longer than regular 70D tent material. Lifespan could be as much as twice the length of a 70d fabric.

Last season, we had tents from another brand with fabric of 120D and those were visibly longer lasting than thinner versions – able to take the onslaught from the elements such as UV damage, wind and rain. The 150D fabric is set to be a big hit for this season, giving campers extra value and a longer life span out of their tent.

2013 Vango Airbeam Eclipse 600


2013 Vango Eclipse 600

The Eclipse is a brand new tunnel tent model for 2013. As well as the new thicker, long lasting 150D flysheet fabric, it features pre-bent beams, allowing for a greater amount of headroom and space inside the tent.

The Airbeam technology creates ‘strong and rigid tent structures with unrivaled speed and simplicity of pitching.’ Basically, that means you can inflate it easily in a few minutes, the beams inflate quickly and all inners, guylines and other appendages are pre-attached. The Groundsheet is an oxford polyester, fully sewn in to create a sealed internal environment inside the tent.

Inside the Eclipse there is plenty of space

Inside the Eclipse there is plenty of space

Features include large PVC windows with zip privacy curtains, front canopy, a brand new external storage pod that fits in the front corner of the tent, ideal for storing tables, chairs, stove and your other camping bits and pieces.

There is a rain safe entrance on the right of the tent, making use of a full length canopy to stop rain getting into the tent when entering. All doors have a secondary zip up mesh door which can be used in warm conditions to ventilate the tent while preventing midges getting in. The tent is zipped canopy compatible, as shown in the first picture and the thick strapping on the front and rear brace the tent against strong winds.

Other features include reflective guyline and webbing points that pick up torchlight making them easily visible in darkness. TBS II will add a bit of extra stability by bracing the tent against and heavy side winds.  There is also a multitude of storage options and pockets for all your bits and pieces. The tent comes with an oversized roller bag, making the fabric easy to pack away and transport without too much heavy lifting.

See more info on the Eclipse.

Key Feature: Vango Stirrup Pump

Larger Vango Airbeam models are bundled with a 2000cc stirrup pump, with a pressure gauge and dump valve. It is recommended that larger tents are inflated to 7 psi, marked by a green zone on the pressure indicator.

The dump valve prevents too much air being delivered to the beams, potentially causing an over inflation. The pump comes with two adapters and could even be used to pump up your inflatable mattresses! It also features a deflate function if required.

It’s easy to use, stand on the two stirrups at the base of the pump to secure it and pump! It generally takes between 5 – 10 pumps (depending on your action!) to inflate a beam.

2013 Vango Airbeam Exodus 600 & 800

2013 Vango Exodus 600

2013 Vango Exodus 600

Vango have built on the success of last year’s Infinity models and added a full height beam at the front of the tent. Whichever model you choose, the Exodus offers plenty of living space and headroom – a welcome environment within which to enjoy your camping trip.

The Exodus features the same 150D thicker, longer lasting flysheet fabric as the Eclipse models, as well as the same groundsheet material. The difference is in the pole shape, which is a traditional ‘U’ shape rather than pre-bent, and the absence of thick straps to the front and rear of the tent.


You get many of  great features that come with the Eclipse including TBSII, large PVC windows with curtains, pre attached orange guylines with LineLok runners, storage pockets, double action pump including a pressure gauge and pressure release valve.

Eternity 600_1

Secondary mesh doors provide ventilation on hot days while preventing bugs getting in, while low & high level vents allow for an adjustable flow of air through the tent.

Again, all inners, guylines and other appendages are pre attached and ready to go, so you can arrive and have the tent set up within a few minutes!

Vango Evoque 400 & 600

2013 Vango Airbeam Evoque 400

2013 Vango Airbeam Evoque 400

The Evoque range uses the same materials as the Eclipse, 150D flysheetsewn-in groundsheet and pre-bent air beams. It also has the same features including large PVC windows, rain safe side entrance, thick support strapping, and front porch to name but  a few.

What you are missing is the handy little storage pod that is new for this season, although even without that this is a fantastic look tent made with great materials and features in mind for the user.

The Evoque 600 is 85cm shorter than it’s bigger brother, the Eclipse 600 and the Evoque 400 is the only four person Airbeam tent in our range, so if you’re looking for an inflatable tent for four, this is the one to choose.

Plenty of storage pockets, reflective guyline and webbing, and oversized roller bag make the tent easy to pack away and transport, all adding to the list of practical features available in our AirBeam range.

We’re really looking forward with getting to grips with these new models and updates so we can take a look at them in person again and display them to the public in all conditions, so they can get an appreciation of the performance. All Vango tents are tested at a certified test centre, ensuring that they will stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions.

Vango Genesis 300 & 500

2013 Vango Genesis 300

For the first time, we’re going to be stocking AirBeam models of a slightly smaller size. The Genesis range is essentially a spec’d up version of the Vango Beta tents taken from their Adventure range. They offer generous porch space as well as a door on each side for ease of access to the tent when required.

The 300 model is 1.30m in height while the 500 is full stand up height at 2 meters. Both tents use a lighter weight 70D ProTex polyester flysheet material at 4000mm hh with a sewn in polyester groundsheet.

Plenty of features on offer as you’d expect, including crystal clear large PVC windows, pre attached guylines and Vango Air Zone a ventilation system that places high level vents at the front and rear of the tent allow a comfortable and adjustable flow of air.

Taunton Leisure Sanders Outdoor Tent Display

New Demos at the Tent Show

Each year, from Easter until September, we showcase our range of tents near junction 22 M5 at Sanders Garden World, near Brent Knoll in Somerset. Our display includes over 35 family sized tents as well as specialist, technical tents and tipis as well.

Having a 5 month long display enables you to see the tents perform come rain, wind, or shine for an extended period of time. This gives you a real appreciation of how tents actually perform on a day to day basis in real world conditions. Our tent show staff are with the tents every day for the whole of the summer and they get to know these tents like they’re family!

We have a large marquee full of accessories and keep the tents brand new and in stock. If you see something you can like you can take it away that day!

We hope to see you there!

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