Vango Airbeam Tents 2016 – Preview Part 1

We’re pleased to reveal some of the new and exciting Vango Airbeam tent models that are on their way in to us for the 2016 camping season. Vango are the leaders in the innovation and development of inflatable tents and their AirBeam tent range is always hugely popular with customers. The strong lineup of features, comfort and reliability at excellent value track record of producing excellent family tents that deliver both quality and value.

This upcoming bunch looks no different. Let’s take a look at the new Airbeam inflatable tents from Vango for 2016.

AirBeam Excel

The AirBeam Excel series offers a range of great sized, fully featured family tents that give campers an affordable path to owning an Airbeam tent. These tents feature a 70D 4,000mm polyester flysheet in herbel green. Other features include a fully sewn in PE groundsheet, toggled privacy curtains, mesh doors, lantern hanging points and inner pockets.

Vango Centara 800


The Centara is a large, 8-berth vis-a-vis (bedrooms at opposite ends) which offers a contrasting layout to the traditional tunnel style with bedrooms at the back of the tent.

The Living space is large with entry points on each side, one of which is “rain-safe” (the small canopy over the door opening.

The 70D 4,000mm polyester flysheet offers protection against the elements, keeping the inevitable rain at bay when it comes. As does the fully sewn in PE groundsheet.

The coolest feature on the Centara, as well as the layout, is the new King Side Bedrooms that serve up an extra 10cm room per person, allowing you to fit in two single or one double airbed into a two person bedroom.


Vango Capri 400, 500XL, 600XL

Vango Capri 400 Airbeam Tent

Vango Capri 400 Airbeam Tent

Vango Capri 600XL Airbeam Tent

Vango Capri 600XL Airbeam Tent

The Capri has been one of our most popular series of tents. With them being AirBeam they are, of course, very easy to pitch and with the pre-attached inners, can be set up within a matter of minutes. A deceptively large shelter with a great division of space between sleeping, living and outside areas, a configuration becoming more popular with each season.

Vango Taiga 500

(also available Vango Taiga 600XL)

Vango Taiga 600 XL

Like all these AirBeam models, the Taiga is a really quick and easy pitch, with a sewn in groundsheet to protect against draughts, dirt and bugs. This five person version offers lots of room and comfort for families or groups of friends who are out in nature for the weekend, or longer.

Sleeping 5 in two bedrooms, with a large living area, the feature that customers like is the large versatile porch that can be fully enclosed with windows for extra light that can also be opened up, partialy or fully depending on the weather.

Vango Palermo 800

A brand new model for the 2016 season, The Vango Palermo is a large inflatable tent that takes its design cues from classic Vango models from the past. The ‘pod’ design harks back to the days of well known tents like the Diablo and Colorado series, which were a revolution to family campers in their day.

The podded layout provides for a central living space in the middle of the tent, surrounded by bedroom pods to create a roomy feel, but also allowing for separation between the sleeping areas for those who like a bit of space between the rooms, older children for example.

More coming in part where we’ll be looking at the top end AirBeam models including some polycotton inflatable tents. Stay tuned.

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