Vango Airbeam Tents 2016 – Preview Part 2

We continue our preview of Vango AirBeam tents for the upcoming 2016 camping season by looking at the higher-end inflatable tent models

AirBeam Exclusive

The AirBeam exclusive range boasts a beefed up 150D ProTex flysheet good for 5,000mm of weather protection. This thicker flysheet should yield an extended lifespan as well as enhanced durability for strength and protection against harmful ultra violet rays and regular bashings from the weather!

These tents feature a flat front and pre-bent beams to maximize the internal space.

Vango Edoras 500

Vango Edoras 600XL

Vango Edoras 500

Vango Edoras 600XL

The new Edoras models are a top level family tent for 2016 and feature a significant upgrade in flysheet fabric, Vango ProTex 5000 150D polyester is a highly waterproof and even more durable fabric that will increase the lifespan of the tents even further. The fully sewn-in groundsheet is waterproof to 10,000mm.

The pre-bent gothic-style beams maximise headroom alongside the large windows (with toggle up curtains), creating a roomy and pleasing atmosphere inside. The light roof panel on the top of the tent helps to brighten the living area on those dull days.

In contrast, the bedrooms use darker colours to help campers sleep in a little longer on those early summer mornings. Ventilation has been optimised in order to reduce condensation and regulate the temperature inside the tent.

As a contrast the bedrooms feature darker colours to help you sleep in longer on early Summer mornings. All flysheet doors have mesh secondary doors that you can keep zipped up to keep bugs out but air moving.

Airbeam Elite

Prestige Elite is the top level of polyester family tents made by Vango. For 2016 the fabric used on these tents has received a massive upgrade. Market-leading 420D double ripstop polyester is around 5 times thicker than ‘regular’ tent polyester material and is waterproof to 6000mm. This increase maximises strength and durability, meaning that your AirBeam Elite tent will stand the test of time.

Vango have also introduced new ‘SuperBeam’ inflatable AirBeams, a supersized beam about 25% bigger than last year’s, to provide enhanced stability and comfort to tents in this range.

Eclipse 600

The Eclipse 600 is already established itself as one of the most superior and popular AirBeam tents, offering nearly 4m long of usable living space. As mentioned above, the flysheet is a beefed up 420D, waterproofed to 6000mm. The groundsheet is a fully sewn0-in oxford polyester.

The very large windows with large pre-angled ‘SuperBeams’ help to create a spacious and light living area. Curtains are also included on the tent for privacy as and when it is required.

In addition, the front entrance is covered, offering an smart solution, stopping rain from dripping into the living area. You can store those home comforts with an included Tent Tidy – an additional zipped storage unit that attaches within the porch of the tent.

View full info on the Eclipse 600

Inspire 600

The Inspire 600 offers a spacious and comfortable environment for families and groups of friends. Perfect for 6 people or 4 who like a bit of extra room, the Inspire also uses the heavy duty 420D double ripstop polyester flysheet accompanied by a fully sewn in oxford polyester groundsheet.

Vango’s new SuperBeams are 25% larger than from the previous year, offering enhanced stability and their pre-angled nature offers up more headroom and space for the occupants.

The main difference in the Inspire compared with the Eclipse is the distribution of the 7+ metre total length of the tent. The Inspire has a longer covered front porch at 220 cm. The Eclipse has a 120 front section. This extra metre is sacrificed in the living section, which in the Inspire sits at 300cm compared to the Eclipse’s 390cm.

View full info on the Inspire 600

Vango Illusion 800

The large Illusion 800 offers generous living space and sleeping quarters for 8 people. Three two-person rooms run along the back of the tent, with a separate 2-person inner which can be dropped down during the day for extra space if required.

These rooms are generously sized, with 70cm width allowed for sleeping space per person. This is 10cm more than you’ll find on most tents. It may not sound much, but this makes a significant different and allows two single airbeds to be used in one room without too much of a squeeze!

View full info on the Illusion 800


AirBeam Elite (Polycotton)

These Airbeam Elite ranges represent the highest quality inflatable polyester tents available from Vango for 2016. The tents use an incredibly rugged and durable ProTex 200G polycotton with a 65/35 cotton to polyester ratio. The advantages of polycotton fabric are numerous. Firstly, the tent will last considerably longer with a more durable cotton fabric. Secondly, it makes for a nicer internal environment inside the tent. A great degree of separation to the outside world is felt inside a polycotton tent. The added weight of the fabric creates a stillness and an indoor feel that you don’t get with polyester and nylon tents, which can flap around and get noisy in windy conditions.

Airbeam Elite tents also offer the ‘SuperBeam’ inflatable tubes that are around 25% larger than the previous year’s, moving from 10cm to a 13cm diameter. This makes for a more secure and stable structure.

Vango Solace 400

Vango Rhapsody 800XL


  • Oxford Polyester Ripstop sewn-in groundsheet
  • Airspeed Valves
  • SuperBeams
  • Zipped privacy curtains
  • Mesh doors
  • Lantern hanging points
  • King size bedrooms
  • Zipped inner dividers
  • Inner & living area pockets
  • Roller bag
  • Webbing storm straps
  • Diamond clear windows

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