Vango Family Tents Buying Guide 2013


The camping season of 2013 is upon us! We’ve got lots of great new Vango tents as part of our range for this season. We’ve been selling the Vango tents for years now and their brand is synonymous with great features, great tents and great adventures!

We’re eager to show off our new range and we’d like to show you exactly what they have to offer. From old favourite names to brand new innovations, we’re really looking forward to getting our hands on these tents and showing them off in their full glory at our Sanders Tent Show.

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All of the following tents have the key features that families want including:

  • stand up height
  • fully sewn in groundsheet
  • multiple windows and doors
  • bedroom dividers
  • pre attached guylines
  • lots of storage pockets.

New Vango tents for 2013: Vango Appleby 500

Vango Tents Appleby 500

2013 Vango Appleby 500

We just love the look of the Appleby and we want to share it in all of its quirky glory!

Not quite a tipi (although we’re sure we’ll hear them referred to as such), the distinctive Appleby offers a great amount of room, head height and views of your surroundings.

The canopy on the front is included and provides a great area of shade for sitting in and can be rolled away if required. Large PVC windows and big doors with supporting mesh add to the light and airy feeling inside of the tent.

The tent uses a fully seam sealed 70D ProTex polyester flysheet 3000mm hydrostatic head, poles are a combination of Vango PowerFlex fibreglass poles & PowerPlus steel poles – offering a balance between strength, flexibility and reliability – this has been dubbed the ‘tied arch system’ – making the tent easy to pitch and allowing for a huge amount of space and head height inside, it also means there are no internal poles to restrict room, leaving you to enjoy all the space inside.

Other features include:

  •  sewn in PE groundsheet – hardwearing and waterproof to 10,000 HH
  • bright orange guylines
  • ventilation panels, 
  • flexible space divider enabling you to create several different internal layouts.

See more info

New Vango Tents for 2013: Vango Lomond 600

2013 Vango Tents Lomond 600

2013 Vango Lomond 600

A brand new tent for 2013, the Vango Lomond is set to a bright, air environment, ease of use and fantastic value for families on a budget.

This has a very similar tunnel design to a tent we stocked from another brand last season, and that tent was one of our best sellers – in fact, we had sold out before mid season!

The Lomond uses a 70D ProTex polyester 3000mm hydrostatic head (hh) flysheet fabric, and sewn in PE groundsheet waterproof up to 1000mm HH. For poles it uses Powerflex fibreglass poles which are lightweight and flexbile. The tent is secured with bright orange guylines that stand out as to prevent tripping and TBS2 provides extra stability in windy conditions.

Features include the lengthy front porch, large PVC windows for letting light in and also giving a clear view outwards. Toggle curtains add to privacy when needed and the large inner tent can be split into a 3 x 3 configuration through the use of a fabric division.

Lantern hanging points in the living area and bedroom give a place to hang a light when required and you can make full use of any campsite electricity through the zipped cable entry point.

Vango Tents Key Feature: TBS

Vango Tents: Lomond 600 TBS

A view of TBS system inside the Lomond 600

Tunnel tents are designed to maximise available space using the pole configuration that gives the design its name. Vango developed the patented TBS (Tension Band System) to provide greater strength and stability in poorer weather conditions.

Tunnel tents are strongest from the front to back, and are more vulnerable to side winds impacting the tent, this is why it is usually advisable to pitch a tent ‘head first’ into the wind. TBS offers support to the pole structure by creating a system inside the tent that braces it against strong side winds.

Vango Tents: Tigris 2013

Tents in our range: Vango Tigris 400XL, Vango Tigris 600XL, Vango Tigris 800XL

2013 Vango Tents Tigris 600 XL & Tigris 800XL

2013 Vango Tigris 600 XL & Tigris 800XL

The popular Tigris range returns for this season continuing it’s tradition of providing great value, space and versatility. As the names suggest, they are available for four, six, and eight people.

Designed with families in mind to be as easy to use as possible, you’ll find these tents provide a great amount of space in the living areas and bedrooms, as well as good stand up height. Vango have ensured that this range is as comfortable and straight forward to pitch as possible.

Across the range you’ll find several features in common.

  • Hydrostatic head, a measure of the polyester fabrics waterproof capabilities, is at 4000mm.
  • Duratec fibreglass poles are, sturdy, lightweight and colour coded.
  • Detachable inners include colour coded attachments for ease of use; part mesh, with plenty of storage and can be left in once attached.
  • The Guylines are pre-attached with ‘Line Lok’ guy runners,
  • Tension straps are included.
  • TBSall helping to get that perfect pitch.
  • The cable entry point enables you to power any appliances you may need inside the tent.
  • Fully sewn in groundsheet is made of a tough polyethylene (PE), so no need to worry about any insects or bugs getting in.
  • Large windows help to bring more light into the tent
  • Zipped curtains with storage pocket allow for added privacy when required.
  • Low level vents have been help tackle condensation
  • The side doors have a fully sheltered rain cover, adding sides that run all the way to the bottom of the tent.

Vango Tents: Hampton 800

The Hampton is designed with large groups in mind. This eight person tunnel design (shown below with additional canopy) offers plenty of room and is a value option for those after a big space for a lot of people and can’t quite stretch to a Tigris 800XL.

2013 Vango Tents Hampton 800 with canopy

2013 Vango Hampton 800 with canopy

A New Style for 2013, The Hampton has a 3000mm hh Protex Polyester flysheet as well as a tough sewn in PE groundsheet to keep unwanted intruders out! The large PVC windows let plenty of light in, which can be blocked out by fastening the toggle in curtains. The large doors on each side are supported by secondary mesh door allowing for you to ventilate the tent on hot days while keeping any insects out.

Each of the two versatile bedroom compartments can be made into one large four person bedroom, or split into two two person bedrooms (if that makes sense!) Other features include cable entry point, and inner tent storage pockets. See more info

Vango Tents Key Feature: LineLok guyline runners

Vango Tents LineLok guy runners

LineLok guy runners

A patented technology from Vango and an example of their experience of what’s required in the toughest conditions – this kind of technology trickles down from their expedition and mountaineering ranges making it’s way to the family tents too. LineLok guy runners hold tension in the supporting guy lines and can be easily adjusted, even with one hand!

Vango Tents: Icarus 2013

The Icarus 500 might well be our best selling tent ever. It offers fantastic value, ease of use and great features while providing plenty of space for families to enjoy their camping experience.

Vango Tents Icarus 500 & 600

2013 Vango Icarus 500 (left) & Icarus 600 with front canopy (right)

The beauty of this range is in it’s simplicity. These are all tunnel tents, all using the reliable, waterproof ProTex Polyester 70D flysheet 3000mm hh. Vango PowerFlex fibreglass poles are strong, light and reliable while the sewn in PE groundsheet is hardwearing and waterproof to 10,000mm hh.

Features include large PVC windows with zip privacy curtains, rain gutter zip covers divert rain flowing down the flysheet away from the zip. Bright orange guylines stand out to prevent a trip hazard and their LineLok runners lock securely, release simply and perform in all conditions.

There are plenty of other features to this tent too, for a full breakdown on the Icarus, see more info here. Overall, any choice from this range represents a great weekend tent ideal for those who are on a weekend trip away or short break.

Taunton Leisure Sanders Outdoor Tent Display

New Demos at the Tent Show

Each year, from Easter until September, we showcase our range of tents near junction 22 M5 at Sanders Garden World, near Brent Knoll in Somerset. Our display includes over 35 family sized tents as well as specialist, technical tents and tipis as well.

Having a 5 month long display enables you to see the tents perform come rain, wind, or shine for an extended period of time. This gives you a real appreciation of how tents actually perform on a day to day basis in real world conditions. Our tent show staff are with the tents every day for the whole of the summer and they get to know these tents like they’re family!

We have a large marquee full of accessories and keep the tents brand new and in stock. If you see something you can like you can take it away that day!

We hope to see you there!

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