Water-to-Go – Delivering Safe Drinking Water Anywhere

Everyone is familiar with the miracle of turning water into wine – well here is a modern day miracle designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind – instantly turning foul water into drinking water. No catch, just proven NASA technology.

Water-to-Go is an easy-to-use, pocket water purification bottle you can use anywhere to turn one litre of pond, stream or rainwater into drinking water – it will purify and remove over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including bacteria and viruses.

It can treat water from any non-salt water source including taps, rivers, streams and puddles, ensuring you can fill up no matter where you are. Water-to-Go bottles give you access to clean, safe water when you’re ‘on-the-go’ without ever having to buy overpriced bottled water.

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Water-to-Go – Key Points:

  • Filters developed for NASA space programme
  • Three different technologies forged together in one filter, removing over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants in water.
  • Water-to-Go filters remove bacteria, viruses, water borne disease, protozoa, heavy metals and chemicals! Click here for a full list.
  • Filters remove Chlorine and Fluoride from tap water.
  • Filter retains the beneficial minerals such as sodium and magnesium.
  • Each filter treats 200 litres of water. That’s the same as 400 single-use plastic water bottles!
  • Water-to-Go filters have been independently tested against international recognised standards by industry specialists.

Protecting Your Health

Wherever you are travelling to in the world, drinking is a major cause of getting ill. Bacteria, cysts and viruses suspended in the water are easily absorbed into the body, and once inside, can multiply rapidly to cause disease.

This can happen even in “safe” countries because the body gets used to a particular types of contaminants in the “home” environment and is not defended against foreign bacteria or pollutants encountered abroad.

Water-to-Go will eliminate viruses, chemicals, bacteria, cysts, water borne diseases and heavy metals which are removed by the 3 in 1 filter purification system. Test results show that the Water-to-Go filter water bottle removes 99.9% of all the microbes that can make you ill.

Reduced Weight

A Water-to-Go travel water bottle weighs just 138g when empty, much less than some of the other complex (and more expensive) water filter systems around. The comprehensive nature of the filter system allows you to fill up with water from almost any fresh water source whether it be lakes, streams, rivers, canals, taps, wells, public wash basins or even puddles! This means you do not have to carry fresh water on a long day out – all you need is your Water-to-Go bottle for safe, filtered, drinking water.

Saves Money

Bottled water is expensive. It is not only expensive to buy, but also damaging to the planet. Despite peoples’ best intentions, huge numbers of single use plastic bottles pollute and damage the environment. Plastic is non-biodegradable and takes thousands of years to decompose if not recycled.

Knowing that untreated water can make visitors very ill, travellers and tourists and have no choice but to pay extra to stay safe. This is particularly true in airports where all your liquid is taken away from you as you pass through airport security. So if you are feeling a bit thirsty you have to buy a drink or another bottle of water when you get to the departure lounge. The Water-to-Go water bottle passes through security when emptied and gives you fresh clean water as soon as you can refill it from a tap.

Learn more about this amazing product, including the full facts of it’s filtering technology, test results and testimonials here 

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