‘We Are Sherpa’ – Introducing Sherpa Adventure Gear

‘The outdoor apparel manufacturer honouring the heritage and high altitude prowess of the Sherpa people’.

At Taunton Leisure we’re very pleased to welcome an upcoming brand whose products are ethically produced, tested by the most elite mountaineers and have an undoubted aunthenticity…

Ascents of Mount Everest are becoming increasingly frequent. Year on year, more people are summiting, or attempting to summit, the world’s highest point. With the increasing commercialisation of the endeavour, growing numbers of people are putting an Everest trip on their to-do lists.

Expeditions of this nature are not only a daunting physical challenge, but a huge logistical operation. They simply would not be possible were it not for the work of the Sherpa – a people local to the most mountainous region of Nepal.

Himalayan Heroes:

It is the Sherpa who assist explorers by carrying the heavy load of equipment, setting routes and laying rope for climbing on ascent and descent. They are uniquely elite mountaineers who have adapted to the physical demands of altitude and consistently amaze with their ability to cope with lower oxygen levels and carry heavy loads over exceptional distances.

With the cost of gear and permits reaches comfortably into the tens of thousands of pounds, many Sherpa do their work for a pittance. It is a sad fact of life that a lot of the work of the Sherpa goes unrecognised. There are many stories of older Sherpas, once the best climbers in the world, who now live an unknown life, sometimes in poverty. Without their assistance many, if any, Himalayan ascents would simply not be possible.

Giving Back:

When Tashi Sherpa discovered that his uncle, Gyalzen Sherpa, was one of the original Sherpas who supported Sir Edmund Hillary (affectionately known as ‘Hillary Saab’) on the first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, he was inspired, in turn with his knowledge of the unsung Sherpas, to give them the recognition he felt they deserved.

Tashi started up Sherpa Adventure Gear in 2003 and began making outdoor clothing and gear. He sponsored Sherpa mountaineers to test out the products, which they do on the mountain for a minimum of six months. His team includes some of the best Sherpa mountaineers and mountain guides in the world, who between them have summited many of the highest peaks in the world.

They include Serap Jangbu Sherpa who is close to climbing all 14 8,000m peaks and the first Sherpa to climb the Seven Summits, Lakpa Rita Sherpa.

The company also employ local Sherpas in their Kathmandu office, while Sherpa artisans are contracted to create hand made wool hats that we have available on our website. For every item they sell, Sherpa give $0.50c to the Paldorje Education Fund, which helps underprivileged children in Nepal. This means that every product you buy will directly impact the lives of the Sherpa people.

The Endless Knot:

The Endless Knot is not only the Sherpa logo, but it is featured on each piece of Sherpa Gear. It represents “unity of thought and action, words and deeds, wisdom and compassion, the knot will remind you that all things, in all ways, are tied together as one.”

UK Brand Ambassadors:

As Sherpa are rolling out their 2012 autumn range to Europe, they have formed an association with two of the UK’s most well known explorers.

Neil Gresham is one of Britain’s most well known all-round climbers. He is one of the few climbers to successfully climb an E10 graded route. He is the training columnist for Climber magazine and Rock & Ice magazine, and has been involved in regular coaching and personalised training since 1993.

Gresham said: “I think Sherpa Adventure Gear are one of the world’s most exciting new outdoor brands. Bursting with youth and vitality, yet at the same time underpinned by centuries of wisdom.”

Kenton Cool was in the news recently when he carried a medal from the 1924 Winter Olympics to the summit of Everest to fulfill a ninety year old pledge made by a member of the 1922 British Everest Expedition. He has summited Everest nine times in total and is the only Britain to have ever skied down two 8000m mountains. Cool wore Sherpa kit on this recent summit of Everest.

“There is no doubt that my successes on Everest would never have happened without the Sherpa people.”

He even sent us a tweet not too long back!

Our 2012 Sherpa gear includes a range of baselayers, fleeces, jackets and pants. We’ll take a look at a few of them here.

Sherpa Ananta Hoodie

“The Sherpa Men’s Ananta Pullover Hoodie is infinitely useful for outdoor adventuring. This cozy mid-layer is warm without being weighty.

“The fitted hood shields you from the elements but cinches up snugly for superior visibility. Cut slightly longer to keep you warm, the Ananta is made of quick-dry, wicking, breathable Polartec® Thermal Pro® to manage ventilation and body temperature.”

Sherpa Lithang Jacket

“Lithang is a county in southwestern Tibet known for its local arts, horse races, and as the birthplace of the 7th and 10th Dalai Lamas. With grasslands surrounded by high mountains, the weather in Lithang can change in a heartbeat. When it does, you want to be wearing this jacket. It combines the best qualities of waterproof hard shells and breathable, stretchy soft shells—making it a terrific choice for active sports like hiking, skiing and climbing.”

Sherpa Women’s Priya Pullover

Sherpa Women’s Priya Pullover

“Priya” fittingly translates as “dear one” in Sanskrit, and the Priya pullover is bound to become your most beloved mid-layer. Its cozy Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabric keeps you toasty in cold weather, wicks moisture and is quick-to-dry. 

“The mockneck quarter-zip allows ventilation options and easy on/off. Gathered stitching at the bust and contrast-colored stitching and zipper imbue this top with some unique style points.”

Hand Knitted Woolen Sherpa Hats

Each Sherpa hat is hand knitted by the Sherpa women of Namche Bazaar. Here’s a selection of our range:

Sherpa Tashi Woolen Hat

This wool hat is lined with Polarfleece® for itch-free warmth. Complete with all the classic touches: zig-zag knit pattern, tassels, and those fun yet functional earflaps. The perfect partner for your telemark ski outings

Sherpa Renzing Hat

The Sherpa Renzing Hat is made from a rough-hewn texture of hand-knit lambswool. With a contrasting single stripe of color that encircles the head and a subtle but distinct embroidered Sherpa logo detail. Fleece-lined for itch-free comfort.

Sherpa Pema Hat

Backcountry or brew pub, your head will feel right at home in this cozy wool beanie. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which one of our refreshing color options to take home with you. The fleece lining eliminates any chance of itch.

Outdoors Magic have written a nice introduction to Sherpa on their page, well worth a read. You can take a look at our full range HERE

We’re looking forward to getting to grips with the new range, and we’d be very interested to hear your feedback too. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what you think of the new Sherpa Adventure Gear!

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